Nations Cup 2018: Women’s Cricket

The 2018 Nations Cup first women’s cricket match was between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. It started off with an exuberant atmosphere. The team members, together with the supporters, were high spirited when the match commenced. It was beyond intense as both teams were equally strong throughout the game. The Sri Lankan team managed to pull through and won the game with a score of 52 runs while the Bangladeshi team scored 51 runs.

When the winning team was asked about how they felt after the match, the Sri Lankan team captain, Dulani commented, “Initially we were extremely nervous as this is our first game. We are happy with our win but we have 2 more matches so we have to prepare for that. However, I credit the win to my team members…”

Written by Masturah Merican

Photographed by Nur Fatin Amira

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