Nations Cup 2019 Closing Ceremony

After 3 weeks of intense battles, the closing ceremony brought this year’s 9th Annual Nation’s Cup to an end. Held on the evening of the 20th of November, the uproarious cheers echoed around the Sports Hall of UNMC’s Sports Complex. Unlike previous years, the closing ceremony is held indoors, away from the drizzle and dirt of the field. 

Closing Ceremony

The crowds anticipating for the ceremony to start

The spectators, supporters, athletes and staff mingled and socialised amongst each other, playfully competing to have the loudest cheers and synchronised chants while waiting for the event to start. Re-scheduled to kick-off two hours later than planned, the event was further delayed to nearly 9 pm. At 8:56 pm, the crew distributed the promised ‘Free Milo’ to those in attendance. 

Spirits were high as the emcee welcomed those in the hall and introduced the first round of winners during the awards ceremony. The 3-week event was brought to a close under the patronage and leadership of the Student Association’s Sports Officer, Aaisha Zuhair, in partnership with, Utkarsh Dipesh Gupta, the International Students’ Officer. Aaisha gave a heartwarming speech before awarding medals to the winners for the futsal and cricket finals, which took part before the ceremony. 

Free chocolate and malt drink, Milo being distributed to the audience.

Closing Performances

Suddenly, the lights were dimmed and a video montage by krish.tan is played on the projector, where the montage showed was a recap of the past 22 days. From the lighting of the torch at the opening ceremony to the triumphs and defeats during the sporting battles that took place. Moments of laughter and anguish have reminisced as those in the hall recalled the memories with whoops and screams. The montage ended with a stunning aerial shot of the sports complex.

An intermission was called as the night’s first performance by Nottingham Dance Club (NDC) took to the stage next and performed several routines. The 9-minute dance performance was an electric show of energetic Girls Style by the female members, followed by the fluid and sharp choreography of the male members of NDC. Topped off with a co-ed performance that took everyone’s breath away. 

Electrifying performance from Nottingham Dance Club (NDC)

Awards & Appreciation

Shortly after, the special awards ceremony commences. It announced The Best Sportswoman award is bestowed to Nuha Kufran (Sri Lanka) and the Best Sportsman award to Osama Amin (Egypt). Penultimately, the Cheerleading Club take on an impressive routine to impress the crowd with a stunt-filled masterpiece. 

Finally, the ceremony ended with cheers after the overall scores are announced granting Malaysia the first place trophy with a whopping 315 points. Followed by Sri Lanka with 169 points for third place and Egypt in second place with 186 points. All in all, other than little audio difficulties, the ceremony was a success with unity, joy and love, looking forward to next year’s Nations Cup.

Written by Nayli Nasran, “Nel”

Photos by Katyayni Ganesan