Nations Cup 2019: Men’s Volleyball Group Stage Matches


The 9th Annual Nations Cup resumed on the 6th of October with the group stage matches of Men’s Volleyball. These matches were set to determine the winners of the three groups to lead to a final round. The event, which began at 7:00 PM, took place in the Sports Complex, and summarily concluded at 10:30 PM.

Team UK returning a shot against team India

Matches of the Night

India vs. United Kingdom

The night’s proceedings began with India facing the UK. Filled with passion, an active Team India jumped and slid across the court to reply to Team UK’s heavy-handed slams. Unfortunately, the final score did not reflect the nature of their spirit as the game ended with Team UK claiming the first victory of the night. The score was 24-31.

Pakistan vs. Sri Lanka

Following this matchup was Pakistan and Sri Lanka. After falling behind to an early lead, Sri Lanka managed to secure a couple of points that gave them a fighting chance. From there, both teams engaged in a series of captivating net rallies and slams. However, at the end of it, Sri Lanka won the match 27-31.

Team Bangladesh forming a line before a serve

Maldives vs. Bangladesh

The third match saw the Maldives go against Bangladesh. Maldivian support was abundant as a row of cheering Maldivians watched them courtside. This clearly worked as their team got off to a solid start. But despite team Bangladesh staging a miraculous 13 point comeback that stunned Team Maldives, they lost the highly contested and entertaining match 33-32.

Egypt vs. United Kingdom

The court was alive with energetic chants from both supporting camps as Egypt went against the UK. Team Egypt hit the ground running by scoring themselves a 12 point lead before the first break of the match. However, once the game resumed, team UK fought hard to level the score. Team Egypt persisted and managed to score vital points to escape an otherwise embarrassing loss that won them the game 31-29.

Malaysia vs. Sri Lanka

Next, Malaysia and Sri Lanka matched up against one another. With the dispatching of powerful serves, a more energized team Malaysia breezed through a visibly tired Sri Lanka. The final score summarized the former’s efforts with a well-deserved 31-15.

Yemen vs. Bangladesh

To conclude a night of exciting matches, Yemen faced Bangladesh. Both teams were scattered thinly as players worked hard to fire shots all across the court. However, team Bangladesh proved to be the superior team as they secured the win with a final score of 20-31.

Group winners

With the group stages matches completed, Team UK, Malaysia and Maldives emerged as winners of Group A, B and C respectively. Be on the lookout for the final round of men’s volleyball which will take place between 6-10 PM on Wednesday next week! 

Written by Ivan Shahran

Photos by Khrisyhniven Ganakumaran

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