Nations Cup 2019: Swimming Finals

On the 6th of November 2019, the Nations Cup had proceeded onwards for a deep dive with the swimming events taking place. All the participants had showcased amazing dedication and hard work throughout the event. There were a total of 14 events that night, however one of them were unfortunately cancelled (4x50m Medley Relay Female). Nevertheless, it was an amazing night for both the participants and the audience cheering on until the night ended.

Event 3: 50m Backstroke (M)

  1. Jordan Ling Yao Xing (Malaysia) – 31.16
  2. Marwan El Gobary (Egypt) – 32.66
  3. Ossama Amin (Egypt) – 35.43

Jordan Ling stole the lead by winning the first place. Meanwhile, Marwan and Ossama from the Egypt team followed closely behind.

Event 4: 50m Backstroke (F)

  1. Katherine Yap Oi Lin (Malaysia) – 37.71
  2. Lee Seung Bin (Korea) – 38.02
  3. Hawwa Nabaaha Hashid (Maldives) – 44.12

Katherine from Malaysia secured the first place 31 milliseconds short from 2nd winner Lee Seung Bin. Moreover, they all celebrated together and displayed great sportsmanship amongst each other.

Event 5: 50m Breaststroke (M)

  1. Marwan El Gobary (Egypt) – 40.57
  2. Ahmad Hani (Egypt) – 41.05
  3. Ossama Amin (Egypt) – 41.06

Egypt certainly dominated the 50m breaststroke finals with three of its participants representing their home country on the stand.

Event 6: Freestyle (M)

  1. Jordan Ling Yao Xing (Malaysia) – 28.02
  2. Ossama Amin (Egypt) 28.75
  3. Marwan El Gobary (Egypt) 29.09

Jordan Ling once again brought Malaysia to fame by winning the freestyle by a narrow margin with everyone at their peak performance. It was a breakneck finish with the crowd supporting energetically for their respective teams.

Event 7: Freestyle (F)

  1. Sharifah Farisah Syed Azlan (Malaysia) – 37.24
  2. Francesca Darvill (UK) – 39.02
  3. Hawwa Nabaaha Hashid (Maldives) – 42.12

Yet another close finish for Malaysia with Sharifah securing another trophy for the home country.

Freestyle Female winners
(From left to right: Francesca Darvill, Sharifah Farisah Syed Azlan, Hawwa Nabaaha Hashid)

Event 8: 50m Breaststroke (F)

  1. Sharifah Farisah Syed Azlan (Malaysia) – 44.95
  2. Francesca Darvill (UK) – 45.46
  3. Nuha Kutran (Sri Lanka) – 56.46

This event ended with Sharifah Farisah Syed Azlan earning the 1st place and Francesca Darvill in the 2nd place, falling behind only by 51 milliseconds. On the other hand, Nuha Kutran from Sri Lanka won the 3rd place.

Sharifah Farisah Syed Azlan

Event 9: Butterfly (M)

  1. Marwan El Gobary (Egypt) – 30.80
  2. Jordan Ling Yao Xing (Malaysia) – 31.36
  3. Ossama Amin (Egypt) – 35.52

While this event did not have many participants compared to previous events, the audience was amazed watching their brilliant performance and technique being displayed in open water. High praise all around the board with Marwan El Gobary taking the 1st place, Jordan Ling the 2nd place and finally followed by Ossama Asin in the 3rd place.

Event 10: Butterfly (F)

  1. Lee Seung Bin (Korea) – 38.07
  2. Francesca Darvill (UK) – 43.91
  3. Sharifah Farisah Syed Azlan (Malaysia) – 47.75

Lee Seung Bin demonstrated spectacular form and technique, consequently securing the 1st place by being ahead of the competition for approximately 6 seconds. Meanwhile, the 2nd and 3rd place were won by Francesca and Sharifah respectively.

Event 11: 4x50m Medley Relay (M)

1st place: Egypt (2.48.95)

  1. Ossam Amin
  2. Marwan El Gobary
  3. Mohammad Shahin (Dinho)
  4. Ahmad Hani

2nd place: Sri Lanka (9.07.68)

  1. Wazri Nayeemudeen
  2. Adnan Keuze
  3. Aqeel Ramzi
  4. Iflaal Imamuddeen

The crowd was cheering loudly as the competition heated. At the end, Egypt was the one who eventually took the 1st place. Sri Lanka claimed the 2nd place despite the noticeable time duration gap.

Some of the supporters cheering for their teammates

Event 12: 4x50m Freestyle Relay (M)

1st place: Egypt (2.18.61)

  1. Ossam Amin
  2. Marwan El Gobary
  3. Mohammad Shahin (Dinho)
  4. Ahmad Hani

2nd place: Maldives (3.05.94)

  1. Ahmed Saam
  2. Ismail Leevan
  3. Hassan Shaffaf Ahmed
  4. Moosa Mijadh

Egypt also won the freestyle relay, securing yet another gold medal. Subsequently, Maldives followed behind in the 2nd place.

Event 13: 4x50m Freestyle Relay (F)

4x50m Freestyle Relay Female winners

1st place: Sri Lanka (5.13.43)

  1. Aaisha Zuhair
  2. Nuha Kufran
  3. Lahiruni Samarasekara
  4. Shenuka Harold

2nd place: Maldives (6.02.46)

  1. Hawwa Nabaaha Hashid
  2. Mariyam Nadha Ibrahim
  3. Mariyam Sarah Fath’ulla
  4. Saya Hussein

Sri Lanka eventually emerged victorious after an intense swimming battle with Maldives. Above all the participants depicted the same tenacity throughout the night as those who took part in the male medley’s relay.

Finally, the Swimming finals wrapped up in a pleasant atmosphere where everyone showed brilliant sportsmanship and treated each other respectfully. Congratulations to all the winners! At the same time, let’s congratulate all the participants for their heartwarming efforts. See you again next year!

Written by Kishaun Xavier

Photos by Daniel Chen

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