Nations Cup 2019: Women’s Archery

Archery and Nottingham

On a cloudy afternoon with outbreaks of drizzle, archers were all set for the 2019 Nations Cup Women’s Archery finals. The fate of the contestants would soon be decided, 18 arrows away from a major success on campus.

For the non-experts among us, archery is a sport played in 3 rounds, or ends to go into the technicalities. Players need to stand at the shooting line, some 18 metres away from the shooting board (distances in official international competitions can vary from 30 to 90 metres), as Hana, the Archery Club Secretary, explained to Ignite. It was also one of Robin Hood’s favourite activities in Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire in which he is thought to have lived, something our Nottingham UK campus friends could probably boast about.

Counting points from arrows having landed in the yellow, red, blue, black and ‘miss’ zones.

So you think you can aim?

Using a bow and aiming at the so-called ‘bull-eye’ (the little ‘X’ in the middle) while preventing your bow from landing in the ‘miss’ zone or on the other side of the field is not as easy as it seems. Sarah B, the club’s President, mentions that it takes a lot of time and effort to properly grasp the adequate technique. One needs to remain focused and consistent in their performances, while at the same time, be patient and determined enough to reach a decent level of precision.

After a fierce battle on their way to gold, Tin from Vietnam put in a bold performance and managed to score 112 points out of a possible 180. Maldivian Saya ended second with 34 points while Fadillah made Malaysia proud by winning the bronze medal.

Contestant (literally) aiming for success.

Overall, the ambiance reigning on the field was one of joy and amusement. Supporters were there cheering for their friends and encouraging them as much as they could. The members of the Archery Club appeared to seem quite approachable with regards to answering questions from Ignite and observers. The club is also present on social media and you can check out their Instagram page (@unmarchery) to be aware of the latest updates if you dream of becoming an archery shooting star.

Written by Bénédicte Anthony

Photos by WeiYu Xu

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