Nations Cup: Dodgeball Finals

The court carried the echoes. Foam balls, grunts and sport shoes. Today, a winner would be crowned.

On the 19th of November, the semi-final and final rounds of the Nations Cup dodgeball event would be held in the indoor basketball court. After the earlier brackets had been processed through, the four remaining teams were Malaysia, Bangladesh, India and the UK. After a brief introduction by the judges and the court marshals, the final sub-division matches were held.

Firstly, Malaysia went up against the UK team. With Malaysia in yellow and black jerseys and the UK players in mufti, the match began. As their first lost point in the tournament so far, team Malaysia maintained their positive energy and managed to win by a margin of 4 to 1. The second preliminary match began with India versus Bangladesh. The Indian team wore electric blue, a sheer sight compared to the forest green and maroon of Bangladesh. Both teams played to win, the match on even grounds. The tipping point came near the end of the game with Bangladesh edging over India with a final score of 2 to 1.

Preceding the final match, an elimination round was held between the UK and India. Competing fiercely for the bronze medal, the third place was eventually awarded to the UK, cheered on by their contingent.

Final match.

After the two to one scoring of the elimination round, the finals began. With a strong start from team Malaysia, the 1 to nil lead was lost as team member Jun Qi struck out in the last ten seconds. Moving on into extra time, the deciding point was battled out by the champions of each division. With a grand slurry of attacks, Malaysia managed to win over Bangladesh, ending the exciting match and deciding the winners of the tournament.

Written by Adlan Haziq

Photographs by Xu Wei Yu

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