Nations Cup: Women’s Basketball Finals

On November 5th, The Nations Cup 2018 Basketball Finals commenced with the Women’s and Men’s match for the bronze medals. With 4 teams competing for 3  medals, each team brought their A game. First off, Maldives played Egypt for Bronze, then, Sri Lanka went up against Malaysia for the Gold Medal.

Egypt vs Maldives

The Women’s basketball Bronze match was played between Egypt and Maldives.

With height on their side, the Egyptian team appeared more intimidating and communicated quite frequently. By contrast, the Maldivians did not communicate as often. Although the Maldivian team may have been smaller in stature, they were not to be underestimated. The team played competitively and somewhat aggressively throughout the high-tension game. The half-court match had only three players on each team with a very restrictive space. This intensified the game and fastened the pace.

Maldives initially dominated the game with a score of 3-0.  Their success was largely due to their evident strategy and impressive passing. Not to mention, Nadha’s frequent lay ups and shots put them in the lead. Within the first half, the Egyptian team had already called two time outs and did not put up as much of a fight. Their strategy relied more on defense.

Eventually, Egypt managed to regain motivation with their supporters loudly cheering for them. At half time, the score was 5-6 (Egypt-Maldives). After half time, the Maldivian players continued to coordinate and work well as a team. Despite their quick passing, the Egyptians could not keep up. They attempted to shoot more but their shots weren’t as accurate.

The second half of the game was a fierce match. The close game heated up and even the Maldivian supporters were shouting towards the end of the match. At one point, there was a fight for the basketball, which involved the Maldivian player, Luyuna, clutching onto it for her life. At the end of the day, Maldives emerged as the champions for the basketball finals bronze medal.

Malaysia vs Sri Lanka

The next match was for the long-awaited Female’s Basketball Finals between Malaysia and Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka’s players were considerably smaller than Malaysia’s players but they continuously showcased their skill throughout the game. They excelled in passing, coordination, and shooting including a 3 pointer. By half time, the crowd was applauding the Sri Lankan team, shouting “Let’s go Lanka, let’s go”.  The Sri Lankans huddled and were determined to win. Whereas, the fatigued Malaysian team had lost their motivation.

Yet, the Malaysians didn’t give up just yet. With their supporters shouting “Malaysia boleh”, they persevered and repeatedly scored. While Sri Lanka displayed their agility with jumps and their strong teamwork, they weren’t able to continue their winning streak. Malaysians in the crowd were roaring for their team each time they shot. With numerous rebounds, the Malaysian team fought back hard. The teams tied 18-18, bringing more pressure to the game.

During the time out, the Sri Lankan’s were demoralized by the opposing team’s success. A supporter gave the players a pep talk to calm the team down. Unfortunately, the moral support did not pay off. Once the game restarted, Malaysia consistently shot to ensure a win. The crowd screamed with each shot, as Malaysia’s score surpassed the Sri Lankan’s score.

In the end, the Malaysian team obviously stored all their energy, which worked in their favour. The Sri Lankan team tried their hardest to defend the ball but were too worn out. The match concluded with a score of 20-26. As a result, Gold belonged to the Malaysian team and Sri Lanka won Silver.


Match Results                                                                      Final Score

Bronze medal               Egypt vs Maldives                     7-10

Gold medal                    Sri Lanka vs Malaysa               20-26


Final Results

Gold:                  Malaysia

Silver:                Sri Lanka

Bronze:             Maldives


Written by Sophie Byfield

Photographed by  Aimin Omar Ali

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