New Year’s Eve

Many people pinned their hopes and expectations on the upcoming year- ready to leave behind the previous decade with all of its problems. This also meant that New Year’s Eve would be a momentous occasion as it would symbolise the humankind embarking on a new journey. This was also the case with my group of friends.

A few of them wanted to have a gathering to celebrate the turn of a new chapter. However, since I was in no mood of “partying” as per se, I decided to have a simple night at home with my family.

As the clock struck 12, we had a group hug as a family and then adjourned to our regular nightly routines. My sister and I decided to take a drive around the city and see what’s going on, on a night where the world is hoping for a change in destiny. 

We came across a family who had sparked twizzlers and had found their happiness in each other’s company. We also got stuck in traffic on the main road, but oddly enough that feeling was rather comforting. It has been such a long time since the hustle and bustle of the city life ceased and it was nice to see the world finally taking a step out. On our way home, we also came across a drunk couple who seemed to be returning to their residence after a fun night out. 

It’s strange to think how the world has changed. Although everyone we came across was either in small, masked groups or distancing from non-family members, there was a sense of camaraderie when it came to the happiness associated with the coming new year. 

So here’s to hoping for the betterment of the world in its entirety. Though the start of the year might be shakey, let’s all work together to make sure the start of next year can include everyone celebrating together, with no worries or fears.

Written and Photographed by Hadiya Ali Khan