NMS FIFA Tournament: FIFA 18

NMS Fifa Tournament: Fifa 18 was a series of intense football matches, battled out on the screen on the latest PS4 Fifa game. Maldivian Society hosted the two-day Fifa tournament from 12th-13th December 2017. This was a very diverse form of tournament and it let all the gamers of University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus participate in their field of interest. A quick video game always cheers us up, and it surely will motivate us when there is cash prize involved. Maldivian Society had been hosting this event successfully for the past two years, so this year’s success was no surprise.

Group Stages:

The group stages of Fifa 18

This event started on the 12th of December at the group stages. The day resulted in three group stage winners with the last group being fought over through a tie breaker. The resolution of tie-breaker took place on the 13th of December. The contestants who moved to the next round were as follows:

Group number

Group stages winners

Number of goals

Group 1

Omar Waleed


Group 2

Ibrahim layan Riyaz


Group 3

Sheerwan O’shea



Alian Gerad Gorrand


Tied Oscar James Dixon




The participants of FIFA 18 watching two gamers in action.

Oscar James Dixon won the tie-breaker against Alian Gerad Gorrand which advanced him to the semi-finals. After the tie breaker was resolved, the semi-finals started. The game plan was as follows:


Contestant A

Contestant B Winner Score  A-B Penalties

Oscar James Dixon

Ibrahim Layan Riyaz Oscar James Dixon 6-6


Omar Waleed Sheerwan O’shea Omar Waleed 6-4



The Semi-Finals started with Oscar battling against Ibrahim with such intensity that extras and penalties were needed in addition to finally resolve the match.  Being tied at 6-6, a 5 shot penalty round finally ended the tie with Oscar taking the win. The second semi-final between Omar Waleed and Sheerwan O’shea did go into extra time as well before Omar took the win.



The contestants of the Finals battling out on screen.

Omar Waleed faced Oscar James Dixon in the Finals. Both were experts in playing Fifa and gave their best performance on screen. Therefore, after quite a battle, Omar Waleed finally sealed his victory, with the score of 5 to 2. The winner Omar Waleed took home 150 Ringgits Prize money.


Maldivian society organised this event for past two years successfully. This event was a great way for students to take a quick break from their studies and since most students are yet to try out the latest Fifa game, this can be an exciting experience for football fans. I can say that there is more to come in the near future from the Maldivian Society.

President of Maldivian Society


Probably, doing this event slightly earlier would have attracted a larger group of participants and we would surely consider it next time. Such events increase the interaction between members of the society and non-members.

Vice-President of Maldivian Society

Omar Waleed receiving his Cash Prize


Written by: Omar Khaer

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