Nottingham Charity Run 2019

SEMENYIH: The Nottingham Charity Run (NCR) kicked off before the break of dawn on Saturday, March 30.



NCR is an annual event organised by UNMC students from ACE Society in collaboration with IEM. The charity-based ACE Society upholds its core values of taking action with compassion and empathy by coordinating visits to homes as well as innovative fundraising and charitable activities.

Joining forces with IEM UNMC Student Section, a society that bridges the gap between students and the working world through industrial visits and the organisation of educational events, this year’s NCR achieved great heights.

Since NCR’s launch in 2008, valiant efforts have made it possible to raise funds accumulating to RM200K in contribution to various beneficiaries. Last Saturday marked NCR’s 11th annual recurrence, with 80 volunteers and over 300 participants attending the run from the total of 350 who signed up.


The funds raised this year will be donated to Pertubuhan Rumah Anak-Anak Yatim & Remaja Bermasalah Al-Nasuha, a home that caters to members of society who are impoverished, abandoned, and in need.

The home currently houses over 90 orphans and children with troubled families, and provides refuge to around 20 single mothers. By supporting the welfare of children and those who are less fortunate, the home hopes to nurture their residents to be able to positively contribute to society in the future.

One of the home’s aims for this year was to be able to provide ‘Raya’ clothing for the children to wear during the celebration of Hari Raya Aidilfitri happening in June. The budding success of NCR 2019 will hopefully make that dream come true.


Many UNMC clubs and external sponsors supported the fundraising event. The morning started off with warm-up sessions hosted by UNMC’s Fitness Club. The 20km runners flagged off at 7:00am, while the 10km and 5km runners followed after.

The opening ceremony began with a welcoming speech by the university’s Vice Provost, Profesor Ong. She then presented tokens of appreciation to sponsor representatives from Milo, Setia Ecohill, McDonald’s, and Prince Web Solution.

The lucky draw saw three runners leave with free fax machines sponsored by Prince Web Solution. Other sponsors include Ibumie, MOMA Water, Ultron, V-Soy, Pixajoy, and GoSportz.

24 Festive Drums.

UNMC students put on a variety of performances to entertain the crowd. Spectators marvelled at 24 Festive Drum Team’s powerful performance and bobbed their heads to NDC’s energetic choreography of Korean and Hip-Hop songs.

BEAST Cheerleading Team.

After the prize-giving ceremony, the BEAST Cheerleading Team showcased a routine full of stunts while MUSSOC slowed things down with a dynamic and moving orchestral piece. These clubs and societies, including UNMC Diaries, displayed amazing support for NCR as its student-based sponsors.

MUSSOC orchestra.


The three main categories in this year’s NCR were the 20km, 10km, 5km runs. Below are the top three runners in each category along with their finishing times.

Winners by category

5km Fun Run:

  1. Syahiran bin Sukadi 20:02:46
  2. Mohamed Fidarus Ibrahim 20:07:46
  3. Choo Har Tsyuen 24:00:02
10km (Men) winners.

10km Men:

  1. Thomas kipkorir Maritim 36:31:89
  2. Wong Jiunn Sheng 37:36:58
  3. Muhammad Luqman bin Nordin 40:59:14
Middle and Right: 10km (Women) winners.

10km Women:

  1. Siti Syazwani Fickry 52:45
  2. Chew Xiao Qing 56:16
  3. Allyson Toh Yee Yen 58:30

20km (Men):

  1. Charles Munyua Njoki 1:05:48
  2. Jackson Chirchir 1:07:15
  3. Samson Karega Kamau 1:07:31

20km (Women):

  1. Beatrice Wanjeri Kihumba 1:52:04
  2. Hafizah binti Mohd Arshad 2:03:00
  3. Lim Yu Min 2:18:27


IGNITE had the chance to interview Esther Yap, the Head of Internal Events for NCR 2019.

NCR must have had incredible amount of planning and effort involved in the months leading up to it. Did you and your team face any challenges? If so, how did you pull through?

“Definitely. The core committee only had slightly more than 3 months to plan the event including exam season so the time for marketing was rather limited too. Besides that, I believe that for many of us, it was our first time being part of the NCR committee so there was a steeper learning curve involved there. All in all, I think enthusiasm for the event pulled us through.”

Did you have any hopes or goals for this year’s NCR? How do you feel about how the event went?

“I just hoped for no major hiccups and most importantly, for all participants and guests to have enjoyed themselves. Although there were some unforeseen circumstances during the event, I felt that everyone tried their best to accommodate the shortcomings which I view as a measurable success for the event.”

Is there anything you’d like to say about the people who worked behind the scenes in efforts of making NCR 2019 such a success?

‘Individual commitment to a group effort – this is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilisation work.’ This quote stands true to this event as well and it could not have been a success without the contributions of all parties, no matter how big or small, to work together for a charitable cause.”

Ringing true with the title for NCR 2019’s promotional video, “Greatness from Small Beginnings”, Esther’s words highlights an important message. Every step run and contribution made, however big or small, plays a significant role in supporting a bigger cause. IGNITE congratulates the NCR organising committee, ACE, and IEM, on another successful and inspiring event.

Written by Zulaikha binti Badlisyah

Photographs by Ryan Cyrosh Koksal

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