Nottingham Ultimate Battle Royale 2017

The Ultimate Frisbee Club of University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus hosted the “Nottingham Ultimate Battle Royale” on Saturday, the 2nd of December 2017. This is a one-day event where 12 different Universities across Malaysia compete against each other. A massive crowd assembled to witness the Nottingham Ultimate Battle Royale, wherein 12 different teams adeptly competed against one another. The finals and the battle for the bronze took place at the same time.

Oops team skillfully catching the disc.

Team 4.3°North from UTAR Kampar retained the gold following an exhilarating 16-4 win against the Lycans from UITM Shah Alam. The battle for 3rd place was won by Stingrays from INTI Nilai as they played a competitive match against UNMC’s Oops team.

Oops Team throwing the disc.

Stringrays Vs Oops

Nottingham Oops team faced off Stringrays from Inti in a battle for securing the third place. Both the teams had excellent players which made the match worth a watch. The Oops team put up a good fight and managed to score six points. The supporters of both the teams cheered louder as the game intensified. The Stringrays put up a very competitive front and managed to score nine points. Therefore, Stringrays from INTI Nilai sealed the third place by winning 9-6.

4.3° North blocking the Lycans.

4.3°North Vs Lycans

4.3° North and Lycans in the middle of an intense match.

Following an entire day of consecutive matches, the time for the finals arrived. The teams gathered in circles as they hollered and encouraged one another prior to commencing the match. Team 4.3° North left the audience in awe as they scored 2 consecutive goals in the first 3 minutes of the match resulting from their great team coordination. Supporters of the Lycans team who were cheering on the left side of the field immediately consoled their team members, encouraging them to keep trying as the match continued. Despite losing possession of the disc a couple of times, 4.3°North scored two points. Shortly afterwards, there was a minor dispute against the players of 4.3° North. Taking advantage of the situation, the Lycans scored their first two points in quick concession.

4.3° North player is trying to defend the Lycan player.

The match continued as team 4.3°North portrayed their outstanding defence skills, coupled with their exceptional coordination leading them to dominate the rest of the match. The Lycans however, did not cease a chance to pass the disc as further away as they could, in attempting to score. It was to no avail as 4.3°North’s players consistently made an effort to gain possession. Finally, the match ended with team 4.3°North scoring their 14th point against the almost belittled Lycans. The players quickly huddled and lined up as they applauded each other’s efforts.

The players shaking their hands after a good match.

Ending of the event

The successful day ended as the winning teams received their medals. People from those campuses were delighted and well-pleased as they congratulated their peers. The players demonstrated good sportsmanship in this event and friendship was built between different Universities. It was a proud day for the Ultimate Frisbee Club for being able to manage such a successful and big event that included 12 different Universities.

“It was a very competitive match, as the Lycans had very tall guys. As for the whole tournament, it was very organised. The time management and the logistics, a good job was done.”

                                                                         The captain of team 4.3°North

“Although the games were just at university level, it was out of our expectations. It was really intense and it was really competitive. All the matches were very close ones, they were all very competitive”

                                                                         The captain of the Oops team 

Final Results

Gold: 4.3°North (UTAR Kampar)

Silver: Lycans (UITM Shah Alam)

Bronze: Stingrays (INTI Nilai)


Images captured by: Anne Marie

Written by: Fatema Kermali

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