UNM’s First Radio Station: Notts.fm

What is Notts.fm?

Introduced by the Digital Arts Guild, the very first radio station of UNMC; Notts.fm is finally here! It is an online radio station manned by the very talented students of UNMC that broadcasts a variety of music 24/7 with live shows that are released every Thursdays from 9-11pm. Don’t worry, if you’ve missed Thursday’s live broadcast, there are reruns every Saturday at the same time!

What does Notts.fm do?

With its official launch on the 31st of October (in conjunction with Halloween), we are to expect their first live broadcast to be featuring a Halloween-themed content with a true crime and conspiracy segment, as well as other exciting segments and special guests. These exclusive live broadcasts will be hosted by selected student resident DJs and will cover a large array of content ranging from music, entertainment, health, sustainability, news, student hacks, podcasts and talk show segments.

The live music recording session for the radio show

Are Notts.fm open to advertisements?

Of course! Notts.fm is an open platform for advertising opportunities and for a small fee, they can help curate and broadcast advertisements. A definite aim of Notts.fm is to use their radio station as a platform to give recognition to local student artists as well as young entrepreneurs through their weekly ‘Student Shoutout Segment’. While being a community-oriented radio station, Notts.fm also plans on collaborating with different club and societies to do giveaways and showcase the student body as much as possible. Notts.fm is here to allow students to have an opportunity to showcase their amazing talents at the same time, address the matters on campus.

Who’s behind the Notts.fm team?

The radio department of Notts.fm is led by Denise. She manages and runs the Notts.fm team which consists of 35 skillful and dedicated individuals. They are divided into 5 teams; all of which work very closely together.  They head of sound; together with his team handle all the audio tech required to run their recording sessions. Their team of content creators work continuously to churn out ideas for the show. Their music team works with the sound team to create original jingles from scratch and to curate the music playlists which can be heard on the radio 24/7.  The Notts.fm team have many charismatic hosts which we will be able to hear when we tune in!  Finally, the Notts.fm publicity team will manage their social media presence as well as market Notts.fm to UNMC students! With a team of skillful people handling the audio tech, creative content creators, charismatic hosts, music composers and with the help of a wonderful publicity team, UNMC’s first radio station is finally live and running! Give them a follow on Instagram at notts.fm!

Some members of the notts.fm family

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to http://bit.ly/nottsfm now to get your ears on the never-ending music and news updates!

Written by Asha Ganesh

Photos by DAG