NUFC wins RM 1.2k in Annual Intervarsity 9-aside Football Tournament

NUFC annual 9-aside football tournament

On the 17th of March, the second annual NUFC Intervarsity 9 -Aside Football Tournament took place in UNMC’s Sports Complex. A total of 12 teams participated in this tournament including our own NUFC team. The tournament followed a standard group stage then knock-out format with 3 teams in each of the 4 groups.

 annual 9-aside football tournament

Banuka controlling the ball.

Group Stage

The NUFC started their tournament facing off against First City University College. NUFC managed to control the flow of the game and comfortably ended the game with two goals ahead of their opponent to secure their first win of the tournament. NUFC faced UNIKL-iprom in their second game. They managed to win their second game after a splendid performance to qualify comfortably into the quarter finals against Admal Aviation.


NUFC annual 9-aside football tournament

In the middle of an intense game.


The quarter final game against Admal Aviation started with a lot of anticipation from the fans and motivation from both the teams. Both teams tried to score several times. The other team’s defense held NUFC back until Nitro managed to get one goal past Admal’s keeper in a beautiful solo attempt to put NUFC ahead of Admal in the game. NUFC successfully managed to keep Admal from equalizing to win the game and qualify to the semi-finals against APU.


NUFC annual 9-aside football tournament

Syafiq taking the ball away from the goal post.


The semi-finals started after an amazing cheer-leading performance.The games kicked off with so much at stake for both teams who came to this tournament with the mentality to win. The game was full of suspense as both teams gave their best to win the game. However, NUFC managed to score an early goal through Banuka. He took a shot from the midfield when he noticed APU’s keeper was out of position. This gave NUFC quite an advantage in the first half.

With nothing left to lose, APU started pushing forward with all their might in an attempt to equalize the score and get back into the game. However, NUFC did not hold back and only defend, instead they tried keeping the ball and scoring more goals which did not give APU the chance to score goals. Towards the last few minutes of the game APU were trying to score desperately when NUFC took the ball from them and had a counterattack from which Justin scored a second goal for NUFC to guarantee the win and the qualification to the finals against MAHSA A.


NUFC annual 9-aside football tournament

Omar passing the ball.



It was then time for the long anticipated final between NUFC and MAHSA A and all the fans gathered around the field to watch the big game. NUFC started the game by dominating the first half and keeping possession of the ball. Few minutes before the half-time whistle NUFC had a freekick which Omar El Shweekh took. Omar crossed the ball inside the box where Emir managed to head the ball straight into MAHSA’s goalpost to give NUFC the lead in the final.



NUFC took a more defensive stance in the second half while MAHSA tried their best to score a goal. However, NUFC’s defense was really good and managed to stop all of the chances from the opposition except one ball that was headed just above the crossbar. Despite trying their best MAHSA A failed to equalize and the final game ended with NUFC emerging as champions without conceding a single goal in the entire tournament.

NUFC annual 9-aside football tournament

The participants shaking hands at the end of the game.

Prize Giving

The prize ceremony took place shortly after the game where the first three teams received their medals and cash prize. NUFC won 1,200 RM and the gold medals. The players were extremely delighted with the win. NUFC’s goalkeeper Saleh Shadman won the Best Goalkeeper individual prize. We would like to congratulate our boys in the NUFC football team for their big win and wish them all the success in the future.


Final Result

First Position: NUFC

Second Position: MAHSA A

Third Position: APU

NUFC Team:

  1. Saleh
  2. Zaarif
  3. Syafiq
  4. Syaqil
  5. Omar
  6. Emir
  7. Banuka
  8. Osama
  9. Nitro
  10. Justin
  11. Kavin
  12. Adil
  13. Phillip
  14. Ibra


Written by: Mostafa Osama Mostafa

Photographer: Kuan Meng Xian

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