UNMC bags six medals in NUMed Games 2018

On the morning of the 9th of February 19 Nottingham students made their way to Johor to participate in the annual NUMed games that took place on the 10th of February. The 19 students consisted of 2 futsal teams; UNMC A and UNMC B respectively, and 3 runners; Mohammed Ibra, Banuka Silva and Youssef Elfekky.

UNMC futsal player passing the ball.

UNMC futsal player passing the ball in a fierce game. 

Futsal Group Stages & Quarter-Finals

The games began with UNMC B playing their first game to which they unfortunately lost 3-1. However, they managed to win their next three group stages games with the scores of 1-0, 5-0 and 2-0 to qualify to the quarter finals as second of their group.

UNMC A had a better start to the games as they managed to win their first 3 games and drew in the last game with the scores of 3-0, 4-2, 2-1 and 0-0 to qualify as first of their group. Unfortunately, UNMC A and UNMC B met in the quarter finals where UNMC A won UNMC B with a 1-0 score and qualified to the semi-finals.

In the middle of an intense futsal game.

Semi-Finals of Futsal team UNMC A

The semi-finals game was a very tough game but UNMC A did a great job in recovering from a 2-0 loss to equalize the score and the game moved on to penalties. However, UNMC A lost in the penalty shots and moved on to the 2nd runners up game which they managed to win after scoring one goal and conceding none to win the 3rd place in the futsal tournament.

100m & 200m Sprint

Mohammed Ibra and Banuka Silva took place in the 100m sprint race with 8 other competitors. Despite having a good start neither Ibra or Banuka could outrun the winner and the race ended with Ibra second and Banuka third. In the 200m sprint Youssef and Ibra joined the race, however, the same runner who won the 100m race managed to out run Youssef and Ibra. The race ended with Youssef second and Ibra third.

Relay Race

Our three runners were joined by Nazir from the futsal team in the 4x 200m relay race. The competitor that won the 100m race and the 200m race also participated with three other runners. However, the UNMC team managed to finish the race first with good coordination and won the only gold medal for UNMC in the NUMed games.


Final Result

1 Gold: Relay Race (Participants:  Mohammed Ibra, Banuka Silva, Nazir Aliyu and Youssef Elfekky)

2 Silver: 100m Sprint & 200m Sprint (Sprint: Mohammed Ibra, Youssef Elfekky respectively)

3 Bronze: Futsal, 100m Sprint & 200m Sprint ( Futsal: Team UNMC A; Sprint: Banuka Silva, Mohammed Ibra respectively)

Futsal Team UNMC A:

  1. Omar Shweekh
  2. Mostafa Osama
  3. Vincent
  4. Adil Afdal
  5. Nazir Aliyu
  6. Xuan
  7. Kavin
  8. Syaqil

Futsal Team UNMC B:

  1. Aron
  2. Danyal
  3. Ali Wail
  4. Gabriel
  5. Syafiq
  6. Justin
  7. Faiq
  8. Osman


Written By: Mostafa Osama

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