Out of Bound 2019: A Night to Remember

MUSSOC once again strikes gold with this junior lead event, Out of Bound. Advertised as a ‘global music experience’, the event certainly did not disappoint as it was hosted in both Mandarin and English. Despite being in the shadow of the majorly successful Spotlight event held earlier this month, Out of Bound still managed to organize a spectacular range of music genres and performers and made it a night to remember. 

Diverse hosts of different nationalities for the night

Diversity in Music

Following the theme of the night, the opening act was a beautiful Cantonese song performed by the orchestra. In the representation of Malaysia’s multicultural society, there were quite a few songs performed in both Chinese and Malay. Songs such as 后来的我们, 碎吧睡吧 (Passersby) and Pencuri (Sarah & Alya) were wonderful examples of this. There was even a Hindi song performed titled Bekhayali by Pramit, a singer who’s band who did a fantastic rendition of Photograph by Ed Sheeran. Safe to say his vocal range blew our socks away! 

In a more soulful note, there were also English renditions of Yellow (Cassandra Fork), You are the reason (Next J.E.N), and Hallelujah (Megan and Ryan). Nott a Band had a particularly energetic performance with their rendition of Love Story by Taylor Swift who had everyone clapping along. The choir themselves made an appearance in a breathtaking performance of Under Winter Moon and Something Just Like This accompanied by two keyboardists. Not only that, The Elves, an acapella group of 5, had a beautiful performance of the song Silent Night. This was a wonderful way to start the month of Christmas.

Next J.E.N performing (You Are the Reason)

Lastly, the band ‘Monitor Lizard by the Lake’ was back again with a new name ’Greasy Hicks’. The lead singer’s energy, as usual, had the audience on the edge of their with their rendition of Brown Sugar by the Rolling Stones and their impressive original song Foreign Affairs. The vivacity in their performance was simply addicting and had the crowd going crazy. 

And that’s a wrap on this year’s junior event! Thank you to all the performers for a wonderful show!

Written by Graciely Rodriguez O’Hara

Photos by Katyayni Ganesan.

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