Outfits under RM20?!

So we at IGNITE Style Section took a thrift trip not too long ago and also filmed a video about tips and tricks to thrifting. We also decided to challenge ourselves to finding full outfits UNDER RM20, cause that’s how cheap it be! So here’s how we did, and our experiences on thrifting:

First up is our writer Raihah, and she’ll be sharing with us how she alters her thrifted finds to elevate them!

Raihah Noorazli

The black and white plaid paired with a black turtleneck gives the look a classic feel. The transparent heels accompany the blazer in achieving a formal, office-wear vibe, contrasted by the edge in the pierced jeans and the cinched high waist silhouette achieved by the belt.

Turtleneck from Baden Baden Port Dickson RM5
Blazer from Family Bundle Kg. Pandan RM5
Jeans from Baden Baden Setapak RM5 + RM5.90
Belt from Shopee
Shoes from ZARA

Other than the price and the possibility of finding unique items, one of my favorite things about thrifting is the freedom to test out your creativity. In this fit, I altered the pair of black denims, inspired by an Alyx pair. The rings were card rings from Daiso, costing only RM5.90, and the jeans itself were only RM5. That’s a few major bucks saved for less than an hour’s work!

You can go a long way with a classic denim jacket— iron on some patches, embroider your own design or, with a bit of skill, paint the back. Printing out a desired design on transfer paper is a less than RM20 route for a cute T-shirt. Do research and watch as many tutorials as possible to make sure that the material used is suitable for the fabric of your choice. Personally speaking, r/streetwear can be a great source for DIY alterations.

With a lot of care and a bit of bleach, a pair of denim jeans could be completely transformed to something new. Based on personal experience, do be very, very careful with bleach and have a clear plan for your design! Here is a great tutorial for bleaching denims. The low cost gives room for trial and error, and it’s a great way to practice DIYs without potentially damaging a much more costly piece.

Anussya, who was new to thrifting, shares with us her experience in exploring the ‘thrifting bubble’.

Anussya Jayasimhan

After thrifting for a couple of times, I have come to realise there is an art to thrifting and I learned them from the best. Of course like every beginner or someone outside the “thrifting bubble”, I was skeptical to the entire concept of it but with the encouragement from people like Andrew, Raihah both fellow IGNITE stylewriters, I took the leap of fashion and clothing faith. Since then, shopping retail has been a burden when I had bought eight outfits for RM40, RM5 for every piece of item when I went thrifting. WHAT A STEAL? Yup, I know.  The item I thrifted the most were jackets. Aside from being extremely unique in patterns and colours, jackets in thrift stores stand out to me the best compared to everything else in the store.

Top from Monki
Jeans from thrifted from a thrift store in Kuala Lumpur, cost RM10
Jacket from thrifted from Ampang Family Bundle, cost RM10
Necklace from from a flee market in Mumbai, cost RM4
Anklet from handmade from strings bought from the streets of Puri, Odisha
Flats from Vincci

My experience during the IGNITE team Thrift Shop getaway taught me that just like boys, I had a type while thrifting. Jackets, outer tops and dresses. For RM5, I managed to steal some serious treasures such as a Family Mart jacket, bohemian dresses and men oversized flannel that are just part of my everyday go to ever since I thrifted them. It soon hit me later that the art of thrifting is not conserved to a shop that has the word ‘Bundle” in its name or with shutters to a shop or an online store but rather even on the streets or pasar malam, thrifted clothes are available. Short story long, thrifting is an art that is everywhere and in everything and not just fashion if you look close enough.

Andrew will be sharing on how thrifting has helped him explore more of his fashion.

Andrew Ng

I was honestly pretty onz to go thrifting, and I even wrote it in my todolist for the year. When my friends first brought me to thrift, I went nuts and bought around 30 pieces! And since then (January 2019), I had been back 4 more times to introduce other friends into the realm of thrifting. I have been reluctant to buy clothes anywhere else.

White baseball tee from Family Bundle Ampang RM5
Slacks from Family Bundle Ampang RM5

Verdict? I’m sold! I think that because the thrift shop stocks items which are more eccentric, out-of-the-ordinary, and sometimes just down right ironic, it has pushed me to explore more of fashion. The price range is also another factor that encourages me to experiment with these pieces. Never would I have imagined that I would be walking into class in purple pants! At RM5, thrift finds like these really do push you out of your fashion comfort zones, and help you develop novel fashion styles.

Orange jacket from Family Bundle Ampang RM5
Purple pants from Family Bundle Ampang RM5

And that’s a wrap on our thrift adventures and outfits under RM20! We hope you were inspired to go thrift shopping and try out new pieces! Our video on thrift tips & tricks is coming up soon, so look forward to that.

Written by Raihah Noorazli, Anussya Jayasimhan, Andrew Ng

Watch me strut into class, fashionably early.

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