RMO closet to do list!

Hey everyone! Seems like it’s another day in the crib. We’re all stuck indoors, experiencing the same daily routine. Hold that thought! Before you sigh, is your closet full of clothes that you don’t wear anymore? Apparel that no longer represents a good fit, pieces that are out of style, or too boring? With a more flexible schedule at our fingertips, maybe we can allocate some time towards clearing the closet and Marie-Kondo-ing it. We’re often saying we have ‘more time’ and ‘nothing to do’ anyways. Whether its a full customisation or merely getting rid of pieces that are so last season , lets spring clean those closets, drawers, or wardrobes. Hopefully, by the end of it all we will find our collection to be well organised, wearable, and a true resemblance of our current taste. When we’re free from lockdowns soon, we won’t ever have to say, “I have nothing to wear!” anymore.

Only keep what you WILL wear

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As cheesy or as Marie Kondo as it sounds, it is true that you should only keep what sparks joy within yourself. This is an essential first step in cleaning your whole closet. Separate all pieces into piles of ‘ones I’m keeping’ and ‘needs to go’. If you’re unsure, have an ‘unsure’ pile. *Tip: in the case of a dilemma, the ‘unsure’ pile should be on the bottom of the to-do list. At the very end, I personally am exhausted! Hence, making decisions will be quick, exuding more clarity given you’ve already gone through your must keeps. Make your decisions realistically. Will you still wear these pieces out or not?

Whether an outfit is versatile or purely holds sentimental value, some pieces may be hard to let go of. However, think of it this way; when fashion is a part of us, we definitely won’t stop shopping! There will always be new clothes that will replace the enticement that old ones used to bring. However, we shouldn’t disregard that clothes remaining in structure and wearable condition, deserves to continue serving its purpose. Maybe this time around, they will be worn through a different limelight. Thus, whether your best friends ‘ransack’ your unwanted pile of clothes, or you choose to donate these pieces, let your clothes find its way to their new home! There are people who need them, and will wear them, more often than we do.

Cut, alter, and sew

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Now, back to the ‘unsure’ pile! Really go through it and reflect, ‘why haven’t I worn this?’, ‘should I change it up a bit?’, ‘how can I make this wearable again?’. Think about the wearability of the piece and the potential for modifications to make them fit well within your wardrobe again. Sometimes, our clothes feel a little out of date. For example, jeans. No problem! To make them trendier, try cutting them to shorts, to your knee length, or to your ankles. The cutting process will even add an additional effect to the hem as it will soon leave a frayed effect, which is back in style! If you’re in the mood for some punk or rock and roll, try ripping them at the knees. Ripped jeans can almost never go wrong in this decade. Style it casually with a t-shirt, or add an eccentric flare with a casual blazer for a classic touch that is trendy.

For t-shirts, you can cut off the shoulders or sleeves, or turn it into a crop top. At one point you may think that once you start, you can’t go back. That’s true, but if you don’t start, there’s a chance that those pieces aren’t gonna do the trick anymore, remaining in the corners of your closet as it did over the months (or years!) . With some creativity, and an ounce of risk and spontaneity, there’s always a way around clothes. In the worst case, sewing on some patches can reverse your mistakes and even create a new upscaled look.

Customise, add paint, this and that

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Finally, this is where all the fun starts. Get creative with your clothes, and ignite your inner artist! Add some details by sewing on some buttons, gluing on some glitter, sequins and pearls. Besides that, you could even utilise a few pieces of clothing to create a new and reformed outfit. From other clothes, you can cut off some patterned or printed segments like polka dots, stripes or checks and sew it onto other clothes as details. In the fashion industry, some may call this patch work or blocking. This technique can similarly be applied with the usage of lace, denim, or even velvet to add differing contrasts in texture.

The best part of it all? Not only can you do this on clothes, but you can customise your shoes, belts, caps, and even hijabs! In essence, once you’re in your creative mode, you’ll be able to picture various ways of tweaking your accessory collection, However, it’s always helpful to Google it up if you’re not too sure about something. There are countless amounts of videos tutorials and articles online, that you can get inspiration from. Most importantly, be imaginative and have fun!

Final thoughts?

It’s time to get going at making your closet feel close to you again. Our style can change over time, and it’s inevitable. However, it is always possible to keep up to date by revamping your closet. This is a way more cost effective, and not to mention sustainable method of attaining a ‘new’ wardrobe. Best of all? You can do it at the comforts of your home!

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Written by Nurul Iman, Style Section Writer.