Valentine Vacations – Romantic Destinations to Visit

The idea of travel in itself is romantic. After all, it is a period of rest, relaxation and an escape from the realities of one’s busy every day. Even more so, when travelling with someone you love, the quality of time spent together can be improved by the love you feel for your surroundings. So, this month, amp up the romance factor in your travel plans with these romantic destinations. All five are the perfect matches for couples looking for an exciting way to spend Valentine’s or even gals and pals in search of a fun Galentine getaway.

(5) Paris, France 

The City of Love. Picture taken from:

Of course, the City of Love has to be included on this list. After all, with sidewalk cafes and candlelit wine bars, aesthetic streets and picturesque canals, as well as its artistic culture and the iconic Eiffel Tower, it’s unsurprising to find loved-up couples strolling Parisian streets arm-in-arm. The fact that Paris is synonymous with romance is undeniable. However, it sits at number five as there are a few other romantic gems waiting to be discovered by lovers.

(4) The Bodiam Castle in East Sussex, England

Relive a romance fit for the royals in East Sussex’s 14th-century Bodiam Castle. Away from the hustle and bustle of more well known tourist hotspots like London, this regal structure’s romantic appeal lies in its Valentine offers.

Fit for any King or Queen. Picture taken from:

The venue offers Candlelit Valentine’s Dinners scheduled for February 11, 13 and 14, so you can spoil your significant other with a romantic meal in a castle encircled by water and alive with medieval magic. Some tickets even include an after-hours tour of the castle grounds – an impressive cherry on top of a special evening out.

(3) Bali, Indonesia

A scene of wide beaches and beautiful temples against the backdrop of mountains, Bali is commonly found on the avid traveller’s bucket list. For Valentine’s, couples can act out their tropical fantasies with Bali’s many romantic tours.

Take advantage of Bali’s romantic packages. Picture taken from: (Bali Swiss Villa)

Most of these let you and your partner sail out to sea on castaway trips, and have romantic sunset dinner cruises over calm waters off Bali’s main harbour. Some even include the chance to ride horseback together through Bali’s lush rice fields. Moreover, to unwind, Bali’s many  spas offer pampering packages designed with couples in mind.

(2) Santorini, Greece

With its whitewashed stone walls, blue sea and daily natural displays of breathtaking sunsets, picturesque Santorini is the perfect slice of heaven on Earth for those looking for a quiet and idyllic Valentines.

Iconic Santorini. Picture taken from:

The best place to shack up with a loved one here is Iconic Santorini, an authentic boutique cave hotel true to its name. Located in the Imerovigli village, this hotel has suites suspended from the volcanic cliffs and built into the caldera’s volcanic rock, with both indoor and outdoor pools and endless seaside views. Even a day or two spent here will ensure unforgettable memories with your loved one. Spend your sunny afternoons strolling the charming villages. While summer nights are for watching the sunset from the comfort of your hillside residence.

(1) The Northern Lights in Norway

Depending on your travel preferences and budget, one can easily enjoy a cruise or catch a plane to Northern Norway to witness mother nature’s spectacular light show. This chilly paradise is perfect for the adventurous pair looking to make unique memories. In fact, the Northern Lights may be the defining travel experience of your life.

The Northern Lights, a chilly paradise. Image taken from:

With the winter air in the negatives being a good reason to huddle up closer, the aurora borealis is number one on our list. After all, experiencing the Arctic sky light up with fluid lights of colour that transform and change shapes will stir romance and softness in the souls of even the most ‘anti-Valentines’ amongst us.

Written by Amirah Qistina Hazrin


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