Spotlight 2019: Myriad of Melodies

If you were anywhere on campus on the 12th and 13th November, there is no doubt you heard the music bouncing off the outside cafeteria. Spotlight is one of UNM Music Society’s most anticipated events of the year, which celebrates music for all. With a variety of performances from singers to bands and all sorts of genres, it’s an event you wouldn’t want to miss! 

With every year comes fresh talent, and this incredible event acts as a platform for up and coming artists, bands, singers, and even the orchestra and choirs to showcase their talent. Spotlight commemorates music from all regions of the world and unites friends and strangers over music people have never even heard of. And this year was electrifying, to say the least. 

Day 1: Rock Legends

On the first day, there were some stellar performances and the night started with “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Divya. Soon after followed a rap original “Sinners”, performed by Not Your Typical Band. This song was groovy and up-tempo, that the crowd really vibed with. 

There were high energy performances including “Seasons” by Prodigium with them to-die-for guitar riffs, and a cover of “She’s Gone” by A to the power of 9 (A⁹) with their incredible vocalist Khaleeda, who frankly just blew us away with her unbelievable high notes. Don’t let her fool you with her gentle demeanour; Khaleeda and her band had every single person on their feet and cheering her on when the bridge and the last chorus came around, and she nailed every single one of her notes. 

A⁹ performing She’s Gone
Image Credits: MUSSOC

And of course, Tunnel Sneks. To celebrate their one -year anniversary, Tunnel Sneks came down hard with their cover of “Electric Eye”. It was difficult to stay seated when you’ve got heavy drums, guitars, and rough powerful vocals hammering into your very being. This performance, indeed, was a memorable one. 

Tunnel Sneks killing it with Electric Eye
Image Credits: MUSSOC

There were some softer and lighter performances that were equally as amazing. One was Nayan & Cza with their performance “Bubbly” where their ukulele, acoustic vibes filled the whole area. Another highlight was by Pyo Yeji with “Through the Night”, a soft RnB solo performance. 

The Nusantara! Band had the crowd bouncing on their feet with their mashup of Dinda & Apo Nak Dikato. They took the stage draped in sarongs and batik, with shades, and cowbells. At first, everyone thought, “what’s going on here?!” but then almost immediately, everyone fell in love with the band and their unique style of music. Their energy was unparalleled. Needless to say, this performance was one of the highlights of the night. 

The Nusantara! Band with their incredible shades and batik
Image Credits: MUSSOC

Day 2: Covers and Chords

The second night of Spotlight was just as packed as the first, with over 15 performances from our students. There were covers such as “If I Can’t Have You” (Shawn Mendes) by the Orchestra, and “Something Just Like This” (Coldplay) by the Choir. Eugenie and Aqil put on an incredible and warming performance of “The Only Exception” by Paramore, that the entire crowd sang along to.  

The Choir performing Something Just Like This
Image Credits: MUSSOC

The band, Just Goreng, performed an acoustic set of “Lover Boy”, and Oceanholic with their acoustic cover of “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You”. Elisa and Naieem gave a brilliant performance of “Pink & White” by Frank Ocean, which had strong controlled vocals that everyone enjoyed.

Other sensational performances included alternative classics such as “Creep” (Radiohead) by The Hoes which brought everyone back to their emo phrases, and “Don’t Let Me Down” (The Beatles) by Lotspight who had some mad guitar riffs that blew the roof of the place. 

One performance adored by everyone was Monitor Lizard By The Lake who covered “Sympathy for the Devil” (The Rolling Stones). Their stage presence was brilliant, and their energy was addictive. Their lead singer encouraged the audience to sing along, and gave a performance to remember! 

Sympathy For The Devil by Monitor Lizard By The Lake
Image Credits: MUSSOC

This article doesn’t do justice to the array of performances we saw this week, but Spotlight was an incredible success. After a hectic day of work, the crowd was able to enjoy all sorts of music. All the performances were jaw-dropping, and the vibe, the energy of the room was ecstatic! A massive thank you to MUSSOC for arranging this spectacular music event; it was truly one of a kind. 

For more photos from the event, check it out on MUSSOC’s facebook page.

Written by Nethmi Dimbulana

Photos by Katyayni Ganesan and MUSIC SOCIETY

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