Staying Fabulous Through A Lockdown

With the recent announcement of the movement control order as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, Malaysians have definitely triggered their “panic” button. Primarily, many paid frantic visits to the grocers yesterday. I myself was shocked yesterday morning, observing the crowd rushing through the gates of Aeon, the minute they were risen at 10am. With people left and right rushing through the aisles, caught in a messy bun (not the cute type) and the baggiest sweats (not the flattering kinda baggy) I tried to remain calm taking my time to get some soy milk and coffee. And yes those were for my soy lattes, how typical of me. Thing is, taking my grocery store outfit into account, how on earth do you stay stylish and fabulous through such a chaotic period, more critically, a LOCKDOWN!?

Given we all have a little more time to work with or a little more flexibility, with studying and working from home, I thought this simple write up would be a fun source of entertainment for the style enthusiasts out there. Amidst all the panic, the saddening pointing of fingers and mere anxiety, a light hearted article in a pool of worrying news could definitely be of use. So here’s several ways to stay fabulous through the next two weeks!

Staying Cozy & Comfy!

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Honestly, there’s nothing better than just embracing the comforts of your home or dorm! If you’re like me with strict Asian parents, it’s not more different than your teenage or early teen years. Lay in bed with your comfiest cushions and use nothing but sweatpants (or no pants if you’re alone, hehe). Heck, have a candlelight dinner with your cat(s).

Speaking of sweatpants, ever heard of the music group Terror Jr? You might be familiar with their song 3 strikes from a Kylie Cosmetics commercial. Well, they have the COMFIEST song called Sweatpants. It’s in my Spotify playlist, “Lockdown Thangz”. There’s that, many other ironic songs and well……Zombie by the Cranberries. I found it fitting with everyones recent apocalyptic behaviour. Check it out if you want come chill music to vibe with in isolation. WAIT, there’s also a song called Isolation in the playlist *giggles*.

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Back to the point, just be fabulous being you, because there is nothing more beautiful than that. I always believed that I’m my truest self, behind the four walls that is my house. Away from the prejudices of society and the constant NEED or EXPECTATION to look your best. Best of all, I won’t have to get the “OMG are you tired/sick?” question when I’m walking around eating chips with my bare face. That’s it, just naturally fabulous, cozy and comfy.

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Skincare > Makeup

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Since we’ve touched on the idea of no makeup while being home, this is the perfect time to love your skin. Many of us are guilty of layers of foundation, contour and eye makeup. Not hating, I’m guilty of this myself. However, being home in our own spaces, gives us so much time to allow our skin to breathe and take the healing time it deserves from all our use of cosmetics. I personally love sitting on my patio with a good book, a cup of tea and an innisfree mask on (it’s effective and affordable!). If you’re feeling fabulous and funny at the same time, barge into your mums room with a mud mask on, she’ll think it’s the boogie man. Honestly, wouldn’t be the scariest thing, during times like this……

That my friends, is the beauty of being home, away from the risk that lies outside. Hence, wearing skincare/facial masks instead of surgical masks. By the time you’re able to head out again whether it’s for work. classes or a dinner date, your skin will be glowing! Sayonara, Mac Studio Fix, your services are no longer needed!

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Styling for the future!

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If you’re one to stay up and piece outfits together past 12am, you’re not alone. Some call it narcism, some call it an obsession to look good. Truth is, if you’re styling and experimenting with your fashionista side for the means of your own and as a way of tapping into your creative energy, then don’t let anyone divulge you with any negative perceptions. Styling and coordinating outfits is a hobby and it’s a talent.

Asides from studying and completing my courseworks through the lockdown period, I’m definitely going to be re-organising my closet for a clear view of each piece I own. That way, I’ll be reminded once again of the endless possibilities and combinations that I could get creative with. I’d definitely recommend this, not just for these two weeks to past time but in general. Next time you’re back into a crazy morning routine, you’ll definitely have time for breakfast. Why? Cause you’ll save time knowing exactly “what” to wear. And that “what” is going to look aesthetically pleasing.

Health & Fitness

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Despite our working friends convincing us that university life is easy and carefree, it is however inevitably busy and challenging on it’s own. We’re often too caught up with extracurriculars, classes, courseworks and for some even part-time jobs. I can’t remember the last time I went out for a jog, or even a long WALK! Unless you’re a gym freak, sports enthusiasts or someone who is naturally passionate about fitness, then you’re probably someone like me.

Being plus-sized people often have a misconception that I’m too “lazy” or “fat” to workout, but the reality of it all? I have five active extracurricular positions, so extra time often feels non-existent, and I’m sure many can relate to this. So having to stay in the next few weeks definitely gives me the luxury to work on my wellness, and you should too! There’s often a misconception between body positivity and good health, but always remember, it is possible to uphold both aspects through your lifestyle, just as fostered by Ashley Graham.

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It’s also the perfect time for us to get creative in the kitchen to prep simple and healthy meals. Despite being an advocate for body positivity, I definitely stick by the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, so lets take these 2 weeks to get that kickstart. In the end, health itself is the main concern through this crisis!


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All in all, as per the aim of the government and the institutions around us, we are to self-isolate as a means of curbing the spread of covid-19. So nothing is more fabulous than STAYING HOME! The “lockdown” essentially is curbing major movements, but we should all be well aware at this point that we will be able to head out to purchase necessities at the grocers/convenience stores. However, do ensure that you limit your trips as much as possible and head out as and when it is truly necessary.

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If you DO head out whether it’s for toothpaste, to stock up on caffeine, or to get those veggie’s (Please only get what is necessarily, do not hoard and do be considerate of others), do ensure you bring along your sanitisers. Despite this being the style section, lets keep away from the cutesy Bath & Body Works scene for now. A dose of Dettol, Antabax or Purell, is definitely the way to go! So save that pumpkin spiced latte sanitiser for another day.

Final thoughts?

Self-isolation is important with the exponential growth of the Covid-19 coronavirus, but with some positivity and all of the above in mind, it doesn’t have to be painted in black and white. To those that experience any symptoms or feel unwell, do ensure you take the responsibility of getting tested. With that, we wish you a fabulous, productive and safe two weeks!

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Written by Nadine MS, Style Section Editor.