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Skincare has been given an amount of importance since the beginning of time with the intention of preservation of youth. Today the importance of it has converged beyond the immortality of youth, but also prevention of the evil spawns of the skin: acne, whiteheads, and blackheads. Nowadays both men and women care deeply about skin care than previously especially the younger generation (it’s never too early to take care of your skin).

However, the dilemma most young adults face are the dollar bills and laziness. Skincare is listed as one of the most expensive products a person uses on their self aside from supplements. And we’ve all even been guilty of not removing our makeup before heading to dreamland. Little do we know, that just a few easy steps could do miracles for our skin.

SO, luckily for you, we’ve gathered a list of products that won’t burn too much of your wallet with some simple techniques that will hopefully solve your dilemma!

Heads up (and not heads out, pun intended): skin care differs by skin-type and condition, so some of these products might work or might not depending on your skin variables.

Going back to Basics


Cleansing is super important if not the most important part of your daily skincare routine. This is because a cleanser helps the skin to wash away all the residue of dust, dead skin and dirt from your daily activities in order for your skin to breathe and feel fresh again.


A lot of people think that toners are a waste of time and money but toners play a huge part in the skin. If you’re an oily skin or acne-prone skin type, toners are the most beneficial. Toners help shrink pores, restore your pH balance, refresh the skin and remove the chlorine from the tap water you use to cleanse your skin. Plus, some toners act as a gentle exfoliator that leaves the skin soft and rejuvenated!


The question most commonly asked by young adults are “Do I even need a serum or essence now?” The answer is YES! If you’re planning to have a healthier skin that will preserve its youth for the future then it’s best to have a serum or essence in your skin routine. Essence and serums are packed with extra goodness to improve your skin regime. It’s a way more concentrated formula that’s pretty much a solution for the long run.


Is your skin feeling less bouncy? Dry and dehydrated? Is it because you’ve not been hydrating enough? A common mistake made with moisturizers is that is it important for dry skin but not oily or combo skin which is totally wrong. All skin types deserve a moisturizer in their skin care routine because even oily skin can get dehydrated. Just because it’s oily doesn’t mean it’s dry. So, be aware and get a moisturizer that’s meant for your specific skin type.


A lot of people aren’t aware of the importance of sunblock but they provide the best barrier and protection for our skin against the sun and UV rays. Everyone just assumes that the goal of sunblock is the prevention of tanning your skin too much. Truth is that the real damages are in the long term and are very hard to undo worse still, SKIN CANCER, so why not prevent than cure it later in life. A sunblock with SPF between 20-50 will do the trick.


Never a bad thing to be EXTRA


Want all the bad stuff in your skin out? EXFOLIATE,EXFOLIATE, EXFOLIATE! it’s a great additional step to your skincare routine about once or twice a week. It involves using a scrub to remove the dead cells of your skin along with any other residue or black and whiteheads. However, for those with dry skin, it’s really best to not overdo exfoliation because it can further damage and dry your skin. The same applies to acne prone skin, a sensitive and gentle scrub should be used as a harsh one can further ruin and cause even more outbreaks. After a good exfoliating session, don’t forget to apply your moisturizer to hydrate up!

Makeup remover

The worst sin one can commit to their skin is not removing makeup. It is the ride that sends your skin straight to hell! We totally get the laziness of coming back late and having to remove makeup for the next 15 minutes but trust us when we say that’s the best thing for your skin. Removing it helps clear your skin for it to breathe and for there to be no residue to pile on to the skin. Not to mention the free invites for the acne fam bam. Think they’re too expensive, then opt for cleansing oils or even the ones in your cabinet! Coconut and olive oil or any natural product oil for that matter are great makeup remover and they also hydrate the skin wonderfully.


Now, who just doesn’t love a good Korean mask or any other masks in fact. With all different textures, types, and purposes, face masks are loved by many and have become a staple to many skin care routines. Not only do they nourish the skin but also provide a relaxation moment for its user. Masks can be used as frequently as just once to twice a week, so think of it as something special like a treat for your skin on days you’ve worked hard on!

Doesn’t burn a hole

Here are some of the brands we’ve read on and have had personal experiences with that are great for the skin and have a variation based on your skin type:

St Ives
Hada Labo


Great skin on a Pore budget:

Natural oils as makeup removers, it’s affordable, easily accessible (psssst mum’s kitchen) and best of all, it’s chemical free.

Purchase sleeping masks ( Innisfree and Sephora have a wide range of capsules that work magically during your sleep at the same time budget friendly. Plus it doesn’t take much effort at all)

DIY your own scrubs. Going all natural is a great option, DIY your own recipes to find your own personalized scrub. Our personal favorites coffee and brown sugar and honey. If you’re feeling spicy, even turmeric works as a gentle exfoliant with some coconut or olive oil for glowy and smooth skin.

Don’t own an eye cream yet (cause dat shizz expensive), opt for green tea bags instead. Just chill two bags in the freezer and over your eyes to reduce puffiness. Kill two birds with one stone, and have a cup to drink to cause its beverage with loads of benefits such as antioxidants which works great to help your skin from the inside out.

Lazy to walk over to the bathroom to remove makeup? Consider keeping your makeup remover (wipes or liquid) by your bedside for those late nights.

Now let’s sit back and rethink how we’ve been treating our skin. There’s definitely some of you out there who are all things extra when it comes to caring for your skin, and guess what? There’s nothing wrong with that! Especially with all the late nights as students and drying air-conditioned days, our skin deserves it! If you haven’t already started your own skin routine, time for some subtle (or not *smirk*) shopping, treat yourself with something that’s gonna have your back through your youth and that you’ll be thanking when you’re in your mid-days. Or like we’ve recommended, cook something up from all natural ingredients which probably already exists in your home pantry! Now off you go, Let’s see some health and glow in your skin!


All photos taken from Anna Sudit

Written by Anussya and Nadine


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