StyleWatch #44 : October 2019.

Hey there style enthusiasts! Guess what? Everyone’s favourite short and sweet treat is back at it on the style section. This week on StyleWatch, we took some time to admire some simplistic monochrome looks on campus. Let’s dive in and see what’s in store!

Georgina Ride | 3rd Year Environmental Science | UK

Gone are the days when overalls were merely a mechanics bestfriend. Nowadays, we have so many people of all shapes and sizes rocking this simplistic yet chic look, day in, day out. Georgina’s overalls over here not only serves as a stylish piece but represents her passion for the environment. The brand upholds its sustainable and ethical values through environmentally friendly materials and are manufactured through fair trade. Best of all, there are POCKETS! Topped over a comfy white Tee, a pair of comfy shoes, and some hoops, and BOOM! A comfy, stylish and sustainable outfit. Hmmmm that might just be a driver for a future article, stay tuned *wink wink, nudge nudge*.

Overalls from Lucy & Yak

White Tee stolen from step-dad’s closet

Earrings/Hoops from River Island  

Shoes from Birkenstocks

Sana Rukhsar | 3rd Biomedical Science | Pakistan

This girl right here is exuding with class and comfort in her loosely fitted polka dot blouse and some classic denim jeans. The bubble sleeves add texture and prominence, tying together an effortless look whilst giving it more depth. It’s a perfect outfit for a long day of classes, whip it up in 2 seconds and look like you spent 2 hours putting the outfit together. Sana as a follower to the Ignite Style Section, wasn’t too sure that she was “stylish enough” to make it on Style Watch. Our response to that? “Ofcourse you are! Everyone has their distinct taste and style, and if you rock it? Hell yes, you should be on a magazine!”

Blouse from H&M

Jeans from American Eagle

Shoes from Payless

Ranjetha Vijaya Kumar | 3rd Year Biotechnology | Malaysia

Also feeling the monochrome vibes with a touch of polka-dots is Ranjetha. Ranjetha has been enthusiastic about trying new styles and coming out of her comfort zone. It all started with her exchange to the UK Campus which opened her eyes to a more body-positive and self-loving lifestyle. We couldn’t be more happy for her! A simple yet aesthetic blouse paired with just the right amount of sexy in a midi-slit skirt and a pair of simple tassel earrings really tied this sophisticated look together! I mean damn! Our girl is on fire, we should all leave this place ASAP as shown by the “keluar” (exit) signage above her. 

Blouse from H&M

Skirt from Uniqlo

Shoes from H&M

Earrings from Lovisa

And that’s a wrap for this edition of StyleWatch! Catch us soon with more style, fashion and it’s enthusiasts, straight from our home and campus of UNM!

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Written by Nadine MS, Style Section Editor.

Photos by Nadine MS.

Fashion failures happen, but with failure comes success.

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