StyleWatch #45 : November 2019 – A couple’s Edition!

We are back at it with this weeks StyleWatch, and this time, it’s a couple’s edition! Matching clothes are the new ‘in’ trend. Be it wearing the exact same t-shirt or even matching colours, couples all over like to spice up their fashion and style in a manner that compliments each other. Best of all, this is not lost on the couples on our campus as well! Although not seen often these couples offer a fresh breath into the dizzying array of university life. Here are some that we felt needed a shout out;

1. Farhan and Adrianna

Comfy is their middle name! These two dropped by the Undergraduate room in their simple shirt, jeans and slacks with the very determination to finish their upcoming assignments. However, what made them stand out was their matching fluffy white jackets, meant to give them the utmost comfort while they typed away. This was their chosen armor to face the inevitable big boss that everyone fears; Assignments. 

Adrianna Eva | 1st Year ICS with Film | Malaysia

Adrianna matched a simple black tee, stolen from her boyfriend’s wardrobe with denims and tennis shoes that gave her a retro student look. A light metallic Harvey Normans earpiece completed the look. Lastly, the white jacket put the cherry on top.

Black T-shirt from Farhan’s wardrobe (Tesco)

Denim Jeans from Brands Outlet

Tennis Shoes from Al-Ikhsan

Jacket from SPAO 

Earpiece from Harvey Norman

Farhan Shahmi | 1st Year ICS with Film | Malaysia

Farhan was in his snuggest. “This is what I call the ‘just got out of bed’ look”. The orange jersey and navy-blue slacks proved to be quite fashionable with the added benefit of white sport shoes and the white jacket. Not to worry, Farhan, no one could beat your minimalistic efforts at dressing. It is at best, uniquely stylish.

Orange Jersey from Brands Outlet

Navy Slacks from Lazada

Sport Shoes from BATA

Jacket from SPAO

2. Idris and Natasha

This adorable pair stood out against the bright sunshine in dark tones. Navy and Pine against the light gave a unique ‘glow-up’. Even though it was reading week, they made sure they still looked comfortable but a la mode. Perhaps their choice of colors was a quiet reprieve to the upcoming assignments or to the mediocre droning of the class they just got out of. We can only guess. Either way there is one thing that we can all agree on. Idris and Natasha are clearly kicking their fashion style up the high street!

Natasha Mohamed Azman | 1st Year IR with French | Malaysia

Natasha was no stranger to the word classy whilst pairing a black blouse with navy pants which was fastened with a stylish leather belt. Her hijab was chosen with her navy pants in mind and her white converses and apple watch finished the look! Smart casual is the way you rock through university!

Hijab was Thrifted

Blouse from Uniqlo

Pants are unknown

Belt was borrowed from mom

Shoes from Converses

Watch from Apple

Idris Abdul Ghani | 1st Year IR with French | Malaysia

As if brain waves are able to tell which theme his girlfriend is going to wear, Idris was also rocking his smart casual look. A pine colored cotton sweatshirt with black denim jeans complimented his smoldering stare (I was told that he didn’t know how to pose; that proved to be quite untrue). On top of that, he brought more life to his clothes with striped socks, black shoes, a Casio watch and a beaded bracelet. He was even carrying a bucket hat to combat the vicious but warm sunlight.

Hat from Jonker Street, Malacca

Sweatshirt from Uniqlo

Jeans from Uniqlo

Shoes from Reebok Classics

Watch from Casio

Bangles from Penang Market

3. Adam and Kanba

Even contrasting themes can end up looking great together. Such was the case in Kanba’s and Adam’s fashion choice. Stylish against casual. However, that didn’t matter as the overall black in both their clothes complimented each other and Adams shorts matched Kanba’s florals. Dare we say match made in heaven? Let’s not jinx it and hope for a bright future for both of them!

Kanba Aisha Ishaq | 1st Year IR with Spanish | Maldives

Always an advocate for glamour and bling’s, Kanba makes sure she is always ready for the runway even if she has classes to attend. And why not? The best way to face the impending lectures is with fashionable garments. On this day, Kanba decided to match her sunshine thoughts with a floral-patterned black dress, accentuated by black leather belts. She paired it with white Adidas shoes for maximum comfort!

Dress – Pret-a-porter

Belt – Thrifted 

Shoes – Adidas

Adam Vitalievich Seccombe Garon | Electrical Engineering | United Kingdom

Adam knew he wanted to look good but he didn’t want to sacrifice comfort over style. So why not mix both. Hence, came the black shirt with maroon shorts and black flip flops. Adam was literally exuding coziness. Only Adam can make low-effort look modish. He bought all his clothes from back home but not to worry, the shop is based here in Malaysia as well!

Shirt – Next

Shorts – Next

Slippers – Thrifted.

We hope you enjoyed this weeks StyleWatch!

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Written by Mariyam Sarah Fath Hulla, Style Section Writer.

Photos by Mariyam Sarah Fath Hulla.

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