STYLEWATCH #46 – A Monsoon November.

Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening UNM fashionistas! My much awaited moment has arrived, and I finally get to take over for this week’s stylewatch! For the 46th edition of Stylewatch, I decided to tackle a bit of an interesting approach. The theme will be: *drumroll* A monsoon season lookbook! With that being said, here’s A Monsoon November’s StyleWatch!

Qistina Azman | 3rd Year International Communication Studies | Malaysia

Qistina’s Monsoon look : Blue summer dress and pink flats.

Who says summer dresses can’t be worn during monsoon season? Qistina’s blue and white-flowery summer dress paired with pink flats are one of my favourite colour combination and outfit combo! Qistina’s flats are a fun play on your typical everyday shoe as it includes a gold anklet that is attached to the back of the flat. The anklet gives the outfit edge and makes the outfit a bit more formal in a casual setting, she says. Not only is this look comfortable, but it flows in the wind, giving a majestic feel as the storm rages! Call me dramatic, but us fashion enthusiast are always having fun when describing a great look!

Dress from Factorie (rest in peace, Factorie Malaysia)

Flats from Vincci

Necklace from Habib Jewels (‘twas a birthday gift)

Zoe Liow | 3rd Year International Communication Studies | Malaysia

Zoe’s Monsoon Look : Earthy tone floral top, denim shorts and earrings.

I must say that the colour combination Zoe used for her outfit gives such a cheerful mood when the Nottingham skies cry. The earthy tones of her top blend well with our jungle environment, while the shorts provide a laid-back feel as she runs for her 9 AMs. Moreover, the top and belt were thrifted! (We stan an environmental gal). The most credit, however should be given to the peng earrings she uses in this outfit as it really ties well with the tones of her top. This casual look and a half is perfect for any time of day, rain or shine. Not only is this look great for uni, but it’s also perfect for different occasions like nights out, music festivals, and trips to the beach! (Perfect for the gals escaping to Pangkor this weekend) 

Top from Thrift shop

Shorts from Topshop

Belt from Thrift shop

Trainers from Nike

Earrings from Lovisa

Puteri Nur Izzaty | 3rd Year English with Creative Writing| Malaysia

Puteri’s Monsoon Look : Aquamarine summer dress and black trainers.

On a recent getaway to Penang from the hectic student life, Puteri outshone the gloomy weather with her striped aquamarine summer dress. She wore these with black Nike trainers to allow for a comfortable stroll with finesse. She topped off the whole outfit with a gold necklace to add an even more summery vibe. This is the perfect outfit for a casual stroll along Lebuh Armenian and for hitting up the hawker stalls and insta-worthy cafes! 

Dress – A random store in Phuket

Trainers from Nike

Necklace from Lovisa

That’s all we have for this week’s Monsoon November’s Stylewatch! I hope you enjoy these visually pleasing outfits as much as I did to get you through these monsoon blues. Until the next article, stay stylish and we will see you soon! 

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Written by Miguel Peralta, Style Section Writer.

Photos sourced from interviewees and Miguel Peralta.

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