STYLEWATCH #47 – A comfortable November’s End.

Hey guys! Welcome back to another episode of UNMC’s StyleWatch!!! As we’re approaching the end of the semester where assignment deadlines are closer and homework is piling up, we’re beginning to find more and more comfortable pieces being pulled off by our people on campus. You’d think they took some effort in getting ready, but really they just grabbed anything cozy from their wardrobes! Get ready to be inspired and stay tuned!

Adzlin | 3rd Year Biomedical Science | Malaysia

When I saw Adzlin the other day, I just knew I wanted to feature her in this on my StyleWatch post. So simple and aesthetic! When I asked her what made her come up with this outfit, she said that she wanted something comfortable in which she could move freely in. She paired a cream cropped knitted sweater, which her sister bought for her (whom obviously won the award of sister of the year), with black relaxed culottes. These two pieces are so versatile on their own, they’re never out of style! To be honest, you can almost never go wrong with these. Best of all? Its the ultimate go to in staying comfortable throughout the day. Finally, to keep things simple and balanced, Adzlin chose to wear black slip-ons. Which at this point?Everything looks so cute altogether!

Top from Cotton On

Pants from H&M

Slip-ons from Tesco

Azim | 2nd Year Civil Engineering | Malaysia

Here’s another comfort over style, stylist. Bringing in the OG of comfortable clothes, hoodies! I literally had to beg Hazim to feature in StyleWatch because he was too shy! His “shy-ness” got him going for a more comfy look that was safe considering how he felt, but too bad! I have an eye for safe and comfortable looks, because comfort is not a barrier to looking stylish! He paired his graphic printed casual hoodie with a pair of black jeans which are yet another staple to the “can’t go wrong” club. To tie this whole look together, his choice of shoes were of course his New Balance 247 in white (Hit him up New Balance, you have a new guy to sponsor! *wink wink*), matching them classically with a white cap.

Hoodie from H&M

Jeans from Uniqlo

Shoes from New Balance 247

Afiqah | 2nd International Relations | Malaysia

Last but not least, Afiqah has been spotted in the most comfortable clothes, whilst playing with fun colours to tie up a funky look. In contrast with Hazim and Adzlin, Afiqah chose to attract attention even on her lazy days! Playing with colours in our outfits is such a great idea to upgrade our look on a whole different level. We give off different vibes according to our outfit’s colour palette which reflect on things beyond our style, such as our passions and mood. Afiqah paired her vibrant top with a mute green drape jogger pants to balance out the colours. She completed her take on a comfortable look with a beige cardigan. Taking a turning point, for versatile reasons, she wore her white Air Force 1 shoes. All in all, Afiqah has definitely created an ‘extra’ look with such comfortable clothes!

Baby Tee from Monki

Pants from Uniqlo

Long cardigan from Mango

Shoes from Nike

Aaaand that brings us to the end of this week’s StyleWatch! It was invigorating to observe how students on campus manage to create a statement even on lazy days! Hopefully this inspires and contributes ideas to some of you out there! And remember, as mentioned before, comfort is never a barrier to style! So pop on some jeans and a hoodie and rock with it!

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Written by Nurul Iman, Style Section Writer.

Fashion failures happen, but with failure comes success.

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