StyleWatch #48 – Go-to Elements of Style!

Hey fashionistas and style enthusiasts! Ever wondered what sort of style is exuded by those working behind our style articles? What their go-to outfits an style elements are? You’re in luck, because this time around, we’re dedicating this stylewatch article to those working behind the scenes.

Qistina Azman

Everyday is hot in Semenyih, and everyone always has a different way of combatting the heat. For me, a tank top, a skirt (or shorts) paired with white sneakers will always be a classic but chic look. Makeup is optional, but with this outfit, you can look cute either way.

Miguel Peralta

My go to for the year is bringing on the new decade with a new image, and with that, I chose this new bomber jacket I instantly fell in love with from Zara. The colours tie together so well along with a batik-inspired design. Further, the design works so well with our Southeast Asian setting, but can also work well anywhere else in the world. The jacket is also not too heavy, so it can be worn in any climate!

Mariyam Sarah

I am a lover of loose evening designer tops coupled with comfortable jeans. It gives me a casual but formal look and leaves me prepared for any occasion be it for a simple gathering or a formal dinner. This top serves this exact purpose. Not only is it gorgeous, the cloth material is light which helps a lot in the hot summer weather!

Amrita Sachdev

My favorite go-to stylish element is an outfit that is perfect for a sunny brunch with friends or a casual Friday night out! The neutral colours and classic black-and-white combination that can be dressed up or down can be worn for any event, day or night.

Nurul Iman

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My favourite looks have definitely been through my enthusiasm for makeup! Be it a natural look, boy beat, or a casual red lip look. More of a resolution ‘go-to’ of mine is to wear makeup more often. Alongside that, I’m just trying to use everything I have instead of buying more new products!

Nadia Nadine

My go-to element when it comes to styling and fashion is something with a pop of colour! I generally love wearing black and monochrome, but my style often incorporates atleast one piece that stands out to bring vibrance and a sense of uniqueness to my outfit, especially for a fun night out.

Final thoughts?

Everyone has their own unique identity when it comes to style. This definitely brings about different choices and perspectives as seen by the choice of “go-to elements” by the writers and editor of our section. We hope you enjoyed this short and sweet write up, till next time, stay stylish!

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