SWA6 Academy: Style Special

On the 4th and 5th of April, UNMC experienced the 6th annual dance production by Nottingham Dance Club, SWA6: ACADEMY.  This year with the theme of Academy, the performers were decked out in wardrobe choices from cheongsams to sweatshirts and blazers. SWA6: ACADEMY showcased a wide range of different styles that all tied together to make the production “lit” beyond the dances and lighting. Without further ado, I present to you the selected style highlights from SWA6: ACADEMY.


Nothing like A Bomber Jacket

Who better to start with that the MC of the night himself, Matteo Putra, External Vice President of the Club debuted his look with a classic black bomber jacket and a plain white tee and vintage silver-rimmed glasses. Keeping it classy and cool, Matteo didn’t have to try hard to get noticed. To top it all off, he accessorised with a great smile and a warm welcome! Can never go wrong with a smile!


Don’t Forget Button Downs and Plaid Skirts

Nothing screams Academy like a schoolgirl outfit!! The performers for this song wore white button downs and various patterned plaid skirts to add some colour and flirtatiousness to the performance. They did not forget to accessorize with knee length socks, fishnets and basic converse to amplify the school girl vibe to their performance.


Street Style Swag


Swag totally did not forget the memo of adding unique colour and style coordination when it came to dressing up! Sweatshirts and plain tees may come off as simple but when you are in a team with similar colour tones, dancing even the simplest outfits shine brighter. I mean check out those earth-toned outfits and how the bright yellow theme pops on stage?? And let’s not forget the denim looks * inserts screaming fans in the crowd * they debuted towards the end of Swag?? Not only are the oversized denim jackets and ripped jeans totally on trend but they gave a splash of youth towards the performance.


Checkmate, Nerds

Multi-coloured checkered shirts have never been out of trend and definitely was one of the highlighted styles in this year’s SWAG. With cute thick-framed spectacles, tucked in checkered flannels, ladies in pigtails and the guys with side swept hair, the dancers of definitely showcased their inner nerd awesomeness.


Swag it Traditionally

The traditional dancers did not fail to bring their A-Game as well! To complement the fusion mixture of traditional Chinese dance and hip-hop, the girls of this squad dressed in matching striking red knee-length cheongsams to showcase their inner Chinese pop empress! The Bollywood performance decided to go against uniformity by having a mixture of vibrant and glittering Kurtis and Anarkalis that shone beautifully under the vivid spectrum of lights.


Formal Introduction

 Blazers, neckties, formal shirts and rolled up sleeves, YOU NAME IT, they got it! Vibing the academic life again, the dancers looked stellar in both monochromic colours and technicolour despite being formal! Not only did their outfits complimented them but also their hairstyles which varied in a very stylish way!

And that is all from us for SWAG: ACADEMY dance production, we hope you enjoyed their diverse wardrobe choices as much as we did! Till next time!


Written by Anussya Jayasimhan, photos by Malik Hisyam courtesy of NDC

Watch me strut into class, fashionably early.

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