Taekwondo Tournament by Martial Arts Club

The University of Nottingham Malaysian Campus was proud to host a Taekwondo tournament which is a famous Korean martial art . It took place at the multipurpose hall in sports complex from the 23rd to the 24th of March. The participants could compete in two sorts of  games. There was a poomsae competition where spectators watched the beautiful (and potentially deadly) formal sets of movement.  In addition, there was an exciting sparring competition with competitors demonstrating their best fighting techniques.

First day of the Taekwondo tournament

With the first day consisting of registrations, arrivals and weigh-ins the participants could only prepare themselves for the next day. An all-day 8am to 8pm tournament meant that there was plenty to see.


Participants during a game.

Second day of the Taekwondo tournament

The day began with the poomsae competition which was awe inspiring and strangely, relaxing to watch. There were three divisions for the competitiors starting from beginners to black belts. Spectators greatly enjoyed the individuals, pairs and team competitions. It was fantastic to see so many competitors from so many universities competing together. Spectators could watch competitions on four areas at the same time meaning there was always something exciting to watch.

In the afternoon the competition switched to the fighting. Just watching it was an adrenaline rush. There were junior and senior categories where each had eight weight divisions. It was great to see so many female and male fighters taking part. Powerful kicks and punches took some competitors to the finals where they would face off against other battled hardened individuals. Several competitors got injured in this fight for glory. A fighter even collapsed from an accidental kick to the groin. Fortunately, first aid was available for anyone who needed it. Though there were some injures there were some amazing fights that showed skill that could only have been developed through hard work and persistence.

During an intense moment.

Each division did have its own finals and whilst every one of them in their own right was worthwhile. The black belt final was particularly interesting to watch. The final game was certainly the hardest fight. Drained and injured from the previous rounds, the determined fighters  stood ready to face their opponent on the final leg of the journey.

The winners received their medals and trophies in the closing ceremony where everyone finally let sink in how much had happened. All the gold, silver and bronze winners stood in their respective platforms while the onlookers cheered on. The University of Nottingham managed to win a number of medals and they certainly did lived up to the expectations.

Written by: Omar Khaer

Photographer: Martial Arts Club

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