The chameleon of Fashion wear; Sportswear

Fashion will forever be an evolving concept. It thrives on new trends popping up or dying down – CONSTANTLY! We have seen the birth of bucket hats, puffy sleeves, tie dyed wear, and for reasons we are still looking for, mini bags and many more. On the other hand we have also witnessed the death of several other trends. This includes dresses over jeans, popcorn shirts, bullet bras and so forth. On a side note, let us all hope these trends do not rise back up from the grave. We do not need another fashion apocalypse. However, when speaking of trends, there has been one trend that has been slowly evolving to accommodate several aspects of our lives; it is sportswear.

Let’s Dive in!

Sportswear has a long history but they only began to be assimilated into day to day dressing was around the 19th century. With the advent of mass manufacturing and the introduction of stretch fabrics, producing a number of sportswear was inexpensive and easy to procure. Now everywhere you look around, there’s not a place where you will not find famous sports brands. Not to mention how creative people get when pairing sportswear with regular everyday clothing. 

Sweater Weather!

Did you know that turtlenecks and sweaters first evolved from active sportswear? An addition of wool knit and a high roll collar to the basic active sport jerseys, gave birth to what would be a hot fashion trend that many people would adopt as casual wear years later on. Not only is it a comfy form of winter wear, a lot of trends such as the e-boy/girl trend has adopted the turtleneck as their signature look with unique coordinations like cargo pants and chains, a tight fit shirt on top of turtleneck and so forth. We can all agree that there is no end to creativity when it comes to fashion. 

Sweaters, despite its active origin, proved to be the ultimate comfort wear in all occasions. Not only is it suitable for all weather depending on fabric material, if you are feeling ‘under the weather’ or not making an effort to dress up, sweaters would always be on the top of the list. Pair it with jeans and a few accessories and you can run the streets looking like a total babe. On the other hand if you are running late to class a sweater and sweatpants would save you the time and effort by not only giving you comfort but also giving you an effortless look. Work it, guys!

Not so Sweaty, sweatpants!

Speaking of sweat pants, tracksuits were initially used by track and field athletes and gymnasts alike because of its stretchable quality and easiness in wearing it. Fast forward a few years, and we now see that it is not just athletes that are wearing it but also others as well. Tracksuits paired with shirts, sweaters, and camisoles are another comfort wear that is high on the list. It would seem we have Bruce Lee and mainstream media to thank for this sudden change. Suddenly it looked cool and fashionable to wear tracksuits in everyday life.  

Not to mention yoga pants! I am as confounded as you are. How did a functional piece of clothing meant to be worn behind closed doors among yoga practitioners, hit the streets? The theory: they’re so comfortable, yogis didn’t want to take them off.

Take away for today?

These are just a few honorable and popular mentions of sportswear that is assimilated in everyday life. There are so much more as fashion is always growing and expanding, but that is the beautiful part of fashion. It is not only about the birth and death of trends but also the freedom for people to evolve and create new masterpieces to rock on while they go on about their lives. The evolution of sportswear from active sportswear is a gorgeous example of that.

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Written by Mariyam Sarah Fath Hulla, Style Section Writer.

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