The G.O.A.T debate.

Crstiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi?

For the last twelve years, the two have battled it out in the footballing world winning 11 individual annual accolades between them. No one has been able to surpass them. Their sporting rivalry has been a treat for all of us, compared to the other top professional football players, these two are in their own class. Their battle for all these years has always brought the question, “who is better?”.

Not even footballs smartest pundits, fans or even their teammates can arrive to a conclusion regarding who is the better player. The answer has been so subjective that every achievement or action they have made on the pitch is always a contributing factor to that question.

They’ve set such high standards that when after the two football players retire, no one will be able to surpass those standards since they’re on a class of their own. These two push the boundaries of greatness; one week it would be Messi producing something extraordinary and then the following week Ronaldo would match that or do perform better, vice versa. The Question is, would they be able to do this if they were out on their own? Would they have produced what they have without the other person? All great sportsmen in history have always had someone else that pushes them.

Both players have added to that motivation factor to each other game, wanting to top the other player but at the same time there’s mutual respect between the two. Both are different in their own ways and what makes one player better than the other. Cristiano Ronaldo has achieved in his career a total of 31 championship titles, 5 Ballon D’or awards, 4 European Shoes and has scored 725 goals in 1000 games that he has played. As for Lionel Messi, he has achieved a total of 35 championship titles, 6 Ballon D’or awards, 6 European Golden Shoes and has scored 697 goals in 856 games he has played.

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We’re taking them for granted when we see a dip in their performance ; but they do it week-in and week-out out on their own. They give off a different persona from the outside and we perceive them differently, but the hunger is the same. We’ve seen them deliver at the right moments, scoring goals in finals and helping their team when it matters the most. But how can we determine who is better? Most goals? Most individual awards? Championship titles? Playing style? How can we determine who is better? The answer to that question is to just scrap that debate. Before their rivalry, did we ever see such a competitive rivalry amongst athletes? We shouldn’t take it for granted, they push each other to the best, they push their team mates to be the best and they’ve motivate young footballers to grow up and keep pursuing the best.

They’re more than just athletes, they’re icons, they’re role models and they’ve become a benchmark for what we need to achieve in whatever we do in life. They’ve shown us that no matter how successful we are, we should keep dreaming and keep the hunger we’ve had from the start to continuously be successful.

This competitive rivalry has been a symbol of motivation for the next generation to push for.

Written by Gabriel Lucman