Things to do When Bored at Home

Its not a secret that this new normal has been rather boring for everyone. There are many activities one can take upon which can help keep you occupied. I cannot stand the idea of doing nothing at home, so I decided to take upon some of these projects myself. 

 The purpose of this post isn’t to narrate a story but rather to help whoever is reading to find something to keep their mind busy while stuck at home. The list is as follows!

  • Play card games at home!

This can include 1 person games such as solitaire, 2 people games like speed, rami, or 4 people games like trump. You could also get different games such as cluedo, monopoly deal, etc.

  • Buy a deck of Tarot cards and learn to read them!

The most common deck of Tarot cards is the Rider-Waite deck.

  • Finish a 1000-piece puzzle.

There’s many cheap options available on online stores with fast delivery if you don’t feel like leaving the comfort of your home.

  • Paint an old piece of furniture.

Let your creativity run wild with a set of paintbrushes. 

  • Redo the setting in your bedroom.

Rearrange the furniture around your room and maybe get some lights to add a cosy feel to your room!

  • Teach yourself origami.

There’s many videos available online which you can use to fold paper and make it into something beautiful.

  • Brush up on your cooking skills.

Learn to cook a dish from a different cuisine and enjoy a nice meal afterwards.

  • Teach your pets new tricks!

People often think that cats can’t be trained to do different things, however, it actually is possible! Follow a YouTube tutorial and have some patience and voila!

  • Read a book.

Here’s a few books I have read recently which I would recommend to others: 40 rules of love by Elif Shafak, How it Happened by Shazaf Fatima Haider, The Bastard of Istanbul by Elif Shafak.

  • Movie Night!

Use Netflix Party to have a movie night with friends far from home and enjoy your time together despite the current circumstances. 

This post includes glimpses of what my room looks like while I’m in the process of redecorating myself!

Written and photographed by Hadiya Ali Khan