Three Cheers for Ten Years!


Blink-182, pop-punk’s most legendary band (in my opinion, you are welcome to disagree), is made up of Tom DeLonge on guitar and vocals, Mark Hoppus on bass and vocals, and last but not least, Travis Barker on drums. They are most popularly known for hits like “All The Small Things”, “I Miss You”, “Adam’s Song” and “What’s My Age Again”. If you guys did not already know, not too long ago it was the 10th anniversary of Blink-182’s Untitled album. *cue cheers and confetti* This album debuted at number 3 on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart within the first week of sales. It has received positive reviews and was included in the Top 50 Best of 2003 end of the year list by Rolling Stone. In conjunction with the 10th anniversary of this album, the band will be playing the entire album, from start to finish, at a few shows in Los Angeles.

Today I am going take you guys down nostalgia avenue and share some of my favourite tracks from the album. Let the drums roll and the fangirling begin!


First up is “Feeling This”. I like how Tom shouts out the verse in an off-key sort of way and Mark comes in with the chorus with his smooth low voice while Tom harmonizes in the background. Their voices fit together in a disjointed harmony. The way Mark sings the chorus makes it so hypnotic, the lines “Fate fell short this time, your smile fades in the summer. Place your hand in mine, I’ll leave when I wanna” just gets stuck in one’s head and one can’t help repeating along after him.

Fun fact: Tom and Mark wrote the lyrics in separate rooms, without any discussion about the lyrics prior to it. They ended up writing about the same thing.

Next is “I Miss You”. This song has a gothic feel, starting off and continuing throughout the song with a low bass line and consistent slow drum beats (compared to the crazy magic Travis usually does on the drums). Mark’s low vocals further enhance the sombre feel of the song.

Fun fact: The song has references to Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas in its lyrics, with lines such as “We can live like Jack and Sally if we want” and “We’ll have Halloween on Christmas”.

Moving on, it is “Down”. The guitar riffs bored their way through my ears and stayed there, getting me hooked on the song. In certain notes of the album, Tom mentions that the song comes from a picture he had in his head about a girl and a boy in a car with it raining outside, hence the “Down, Down, Down, Down” chorus, and how much the boy wants to kiss her and make her stay. This song also features Travis’ voice as he whispers the lines “this can’t be the end” and “you did this” at the end of each verse.

Fun fact: The music video features Terry Crews as a policeman. I am sure most of you would remember Terry Crew’s performance in White Chicks as the wealthy black man who has a preference for white women, especially the scene where he sang “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton.

Next on the list is “Always”. The song did not chart as well as the other singles but it was a fan favourite.  It was the fourth and final single from the album and was the band’s latest single before their indefinite hiatus.

Fun fact: The music video displayed in three horizontal panels. The girl appears as a fractured whole whereas parts of the band members combine to form a single character.

Up next is “I’m Lost Without You”. As the self-explanatory title states, the song is about one who realises that he is lost without his significant other and is hoping for the other’s return. These emotions are expressed well in the lyrics, the melody and the way it was sung.

Fun fact: The drum solo at the end of the song is CRAZY, in the best way possible. Once again, good job Travis.

Lastly, it is “Not Now”. The song did not make it on the album, but it was included in the UK version. The cool part about this song is the space-y feel with the beeps at the beginning, as if it was some sort of transmission to or from outer space.

Fun fact: This song was the only single from their “Greatest Hits” album and was the last single released after the band’s announcement of their hiatus. 

I hope this piece will inspire you readers to check out their music. Do share your opinions and suggestions. I will do my best to write about different music genres. Till then, long live pop punk!


Olivia Yeoh