Happy 420! Stay Mellow With Our Top 6 Weed-Inspired Shows

The semester is coming to an end and as our last minute workload of procrastination piles up maybe we can sit back and read up a little bout “them de-stressing greens” on the tv screen instead of the greens itself. Ehem ehem…..eat your vegetables kids. And what better way to kick of April the 20th (4/20) than with some cannabis-filled listicles to read, which is why we’ve lined up 5 must watch weed themed shows and movies!



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Finally, a show by stoners, for stoners told with stellar accuracy about being high all the time. The Netflix show Disjointed has had to face some bad reviews and generally doesn’t seem to be as widely accepted as more popular shows like Weeds but for the weirdoes of the world, you will absolutely fall in love. The incredible Kathy Bates plays Ruth Whitefeather Feldman, a marijuana lawyer and activist who runs a weed dispensary in California and the show’s primary arcs revolve around the lives and good old fashioned high times of the staff and supporting characters in the show. You’ll be able to recognise almost all the types of stoners in your life in each character – the sweet, chill, marijuana connoisseur in Pete, the idiotic but extremely lovable Dank and Dabby that give stoners a bad name and the conservatives like Tae Kwon Douglas, that one guy that’s got to ruin your good time “snorfing derbs”. But one of my favourite things about this show is that it knows when to get serious, in the way it deals with treatment of PTSD in war veterans, embodied in the dispensary’s security guard Carter as well as depicting the reality of why people smoke weed – sometimes people need an escape, so maybe try seeing it from their point of view. If you’re a fan of animation, each episode has a different animation sequence that depicts Carter’s war flashbacks and calling the sequences ‘stunning’ doesn’t begin to do it justice. Even if you’re not a fan of the story, this show is tops most others for a great watch while you’re high.



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If you’re still in the mood for some Netflix and chill, we highly recommend Narcos. Well if you’d rather use a free streaming website, not gonna judge, we’re all broke AF. But back to smoking up in this American crime thriller drama which was the plot revolving around Pablo Escobar, Mexico’s most notorious drug kingpin. Although the Medelin Cartel was introduced as a cocaine-dominated drug source in Columbia, it’s known for various other substances that has given Escobar such accreditation for his billion dollar illegal business. Thus, throughout the seasons the characters are portrayed to be smoking up frequently. Fun fact is that throughout the filming of the show, actual weed was consumed in certain scenes, so that’s extra fun to watch. History does however take a toll on our view of this show, particularly in the first 2 seasons before Escobar’s death, whereby known history takes place in our thoughts. To an extent, this is extremely exciting going from episode to episode which were screened as years and years of the drug lord’s life, knowing that each episode we move forward to is another one closer to his death. Asides from the excitement of drugs, you drama lovers are gonna love the obstacles that Escobar faces from his imprisonment to his escape and right up to the start of the Pablo Escobar manhunt. And as much as I love an accurate retelling of history, we all love a little extra-ness, like Netflix’s survival on dramatization.


That 70’s show

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This comedy classic spans 8 hilarious seasons, where despite all the various plot developments, features the show’s very important “circle” which depicted the typical teenage gang sitting around as the camera panned to focus on each character as their dialogue was conveyed. What’s not typical is the gang are frequently getting high and enjoying themselves in a cloud of smoke. The fun part about these prominent “circle” scenes is it gives a chance to us, the audience, to visualise this part because the show does not explicitly show this. The hangout area is shown to be clouded by smoke with the kids coughing and seemingly stoned. Other interesting complements of the plot to grasp on is the shows reflection on social issues of the 1970’s like sexism, sexual behavior and even the economic hardships of the 70’s recession. Thus these focal topics in the form of a comedic take can be a lighthearted way for us to feel connected and relate to if we ourselves are advocates for these issues, giving us a better understanding of the social concept by comparing how similar these generations of teens are to our millennial world.


Half Baked

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For you who prefer less commitment to a whole series. The right movie for you would be Half Baked. This comedy will have you stoned to your seat as you experience two friends adventuring on a career of marijuana sales but here’s the twist, they stole it from a pharmaceutical lab. The plot development that gets them there is insane, to say the least. In order to bail out their friend Kenny out of jail at the price of 100000 dollars, they start a drug business that expands and gains recognition among all the potheads. However it comes at the expense of one of the duo’s life crumbling down after his girlfriend discovers their business moves. This stoner movie delivers drama and excitement while staying true to the movie’s insanity, as they now have to work together to bring down a major drug lord. Do they ever bail their friend out of prison, defeat a drug lord and resolve their own conflicts? Only one way to find out!


Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle


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Ever heard of the Harold & Kumar series? If you haven’t time to take a look into this stoner comedy film series in a plot of two Asian-American stoners. Harold Lee and Kumar Patel get into their usual routine of smoking up. However, instead of creeping on some chicks, disturbing the neighbours or falsely calling a family member, these high as eff boys head out on a quest throughout New Jersey. Throughout their journey, they face many obstacles – like a gang of punks and Harold being attacked by a raccoon (not so cute creatures anymore, yikes). The fact that the two take the journey on behind the wheels is crazy enough, but clearly there weren’t enough “greens” for them as they make a pit stop to purchase more stuff from college students, even stealing medical marijuana from the hospital after Harold gets treated for the raccoon situation. For How I Met Your Mother fans, do get excited as Neil Patrick Harris appears as a hitch hiker high on ecstasy picked up by Harold and Kumar. Yet there’s still depth to the plot as Kumar must face his desire of becoming a doctor while still having to combat the stereotype of all Indians becomes doctors and Harold’s deep confessions of love. Come for the mishaps, stay for the “emotions”.


Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay


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Our favourite stoners returned in 2008 with the two travelling to what would be their favourite place in this world, Amsterdam, for Harold to pursue his romance (do you smell something smoking?). If smoking up in a car wasn’t enough, Kumar lights up this movie with a hand crafted smokeless bong, in which an elderly woman mistakes for a bomb. Brown guy? Bomb looking thing? I think we all know what comes next…….”TERRORIST!” The two are then tackled by undercover air marshals who accidently break the bong releasing the smoke which is thought to be poison gas by the passengers. The situation follows up with a racist Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security who sends them to the Guantanamo Bay detention camp. This brings about the title of the movie as the story build up on their efforts to escape back into the United States. Fun fact, they bump into Neil Patrick Harris again who ends up getting shot outside a whorehouse when the two escape to Texas. Do they ever end up getting their legal “munchies” on in Amsterdam. We’ll see.


We’re The Millers 

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The above isn’t exactly a stoner movie but it’s got a lot to do with our favouriteherb. The story starts off with David a dealer who is robbed of his money and weed stash. In order to resolve his debt with his drug lord, he takes on the task of smuggling a “smidge” of marijuana from Mexico. After planning out how the trip was to go down, he realises that a one man show across the border might just be suspicious. Thus, David forms his fake family of a stripper as his wife, a teenage runaway as his daughter and young  thief as his son. The bogus family called “The Millers”. However, upon arriving at their destination, they realise their job doesn’t just involve a “smidge” of weed but 2 tons. Despite the bumps on the road, the everyone seems to feel like they’re actually a part of a family, clouded their act and forgetting their actual relationship with each other. If you want a break from the insanity that comes with stoner movies, this (sort of) wholesome flick will definitely deliver.

We hope you enjoyed this write-up and have been exposed to more options in a genre of stoner movies. What are you waiting for? Take a break from those books and put yourself in some really high spirits.



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