NATIONS CUP 2018: Tug of War Semi-finals

By the showcase of teamwork and strength the male Tug of War raged on earlier this week in the field.

The whistle was blown at 6.00PM at the sports complex field punctual as planned.

The spectators were very loud from excitement despite a slight drizzle.

Anyhow, it was an intense display of cooperation and physicality from the teams of Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Pakistan, Egypt, and Bangladesh.

The matches were fiercely close and the support from the spectators was echoing across the field.

The order of play was as follows:

  • Egypt versus Bangladesh
  • Egypt versus Sri Lanka
  • United Kingdom versus Pakistan
  • United Kingdom versus Malaysia



It was soon at a point when we knew Malaysia and Egypt will be facing each other in the finals!

Malaysia defeated the UK in a semi-finals match of best of one, which enabled the former to advance to the final.



On the other side of the semi-finals, Egypt defeated Sri Lanka in a match of best of one which advanced the former to the final.


Third place and more

Towards the end the bronze medal match saw a ‘war’ between the UK and Sri Lanka.

The Sri Lankan team eventually lost by ‘force’ in a match of best of three.

The UK won two rounds and celebrated as the bronze medalist.

The evening ended with even more anticipation for the gold-clinching game between Malaysia and Egypt.


Who will clinch Gold?


Stay tuned for the male Tug of War final!



Reported by Kavisha Kathiravelu and Carmen Hew Jia Wen

Photographs by Timothy Lee


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