UNMC crowned as 2017 HEIFT Champions

Nottingham University Football Club (NUFC) became the Champions in the Higher Education Institution Futsal Tournament (HEIFT) 2017 that took place on the 27th and the 28th of October in Cyberjaya. This was the first tournament participated by the NUFC this year. Despite insufficient time for preparation, they still managed to bag home the winning tittle.

Nottingham Team with the organizers of HEIFT.

The tournament kicked off on the 27th of October with the group stages. Nottingham team won their first game against UNITAR A by scoring 5 goals and conceding 2 goals in an impressive game from our side. The second game against CUCMS WIZARDS however, was a tougher game as Nottingham’s Team was one goal behind but managed to win the game with a score of 3-2 after a spectacular comeback . The last game in the group stage against HERIOT WATT, was the game to decide who would qualify in the first place from the group. Yet again, Nottingham team managed to seal the win with a 3-2 win after putting up a good fight.

Adil controlling the ball.

The next day kicked off with the quarter finals where our team faced off against LINTON A in a very intense game and the stakes were everything. After keeping all the spectators at the edge of their seats our team managed to seal the win with a score of 3-2.

Nottingham’s team faced UNITAR B in the semi-finals where the team had a good start and was leading with two goals. However, UNITAR B fought back and did not give up and managed to equalize the score before the final whistle. The game went on to penalties where each team had three shots.

Both teams managed to score all three goals which resulted in a sudden death. A sudden death is when the normal penalties fail to end the game, then a coin is tossed to determine which team would shoot and which team would save. The rule states that only one penalty will be taken,  and only if the shooting team scores, that team wins and vice versa. After the coin was tossed, our team was the one to shoot. NUFC player Syaqil Suhaimi did not fail his team as his ball found the back of the net to qualify our team to the big game.

Omar taking the penalty shoot for Nottingham’s Team.

The final game was the most intense game of the entire tournament as Nottingham’s team members faced their long time rivals LUCT. They took to a defensive tactic as they knew that LUCT was a highly offensive team that scored every opportunity they got. A few minutes before the first half was over, Moataz Abdelzahir managed to score a goal from a great shot from across half field to give Nottingham’s team the lead. In the second half, LUFC stepped up their game even more to equalize. Although Nottingham team’s defense managed to stop all their chances, however, LUCT managed to get past the defense once and were able to score the equalizer.

In the middle of an intense match.

The game ended as a 1-1 draw, leading to penalties again. Both teams scored their first shot and missed their second shot. It was all down to the last shot from both the teams and thanks to our team’s goalkeeper Aron, who managed to save the third shot from LUCT.  Motaz Abdelzahir was the hero of the night as he managed to score the third penalty for NUFC to crown them champions.

During the match.

The prize ceremony took place shortly after the game and our players were handed their gold medals and 1,000 RM in cash as a reward for winning the tournament.

Congratulations to the team of Nottingham University for their superb performance and we wish them more luck in winning other tournaments!

Nottingham Team with one of the organizers of HEIFT.

The team’s roster is as follows:

  1. Omar El Shweekh (Captain)
  2. Justin Vinoud
  3. Adil Afdal
  4. Sheikh Syaqil
  5. Nazir Aliyu
  6. Mostafa Osama
  7. Motaz Abdelzahir
  8. Aron Raj
  9. Ali Wail

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