An In-Depth Look At ‘Nerf VS Zombies 2019’

What is Nerf vs Zombies?

Three unique clubs from UNMC; the Nerf Society, Fitness Club and Stress Relief Society, have come together in a collaborative effort to produce one of the most enthralling events with distinctive traits that captured the attention of our student body. The flow of Nerf vs Zombies (NvZ) revolves around a series of missions that must be completed whilst fighting off an ever-growing zombie horde. These missions involved scouting, escorting, followed by defense and lastly, players must extract themselves from the site in order to win the game. Players are divided into two teams; the Search Squad and the Reinforcement Team. Altogether, there are three parties involved in the game, two teams of human players and a team of zombie players. Besides being an event that placed a heavy emphasis on shooting zombies with Nerf guns, it was able to achieve its goal in inducing recreational fitness for participants as well as relieving their stresses by immersing themselves into an ironically stressful environment.

Search Squad briefing before the game

Behind the scenes of Nerf vs Zombies

Careful thought and planning have been placed into NvZ before its astonishing execution. The idea of this event stemmed from the president of the Nerf Society, Aril Mikhail, which came about the core structure of the game by weaving his love and passion for Nerf and zombie shooter games together. The driving factor behind the success of the societies’ collaboration was due to all three presidents already being close friends. The collaboration was a huge success as members of the Fitness Club were able to fulfill their cardio needs upon playing the role of active zombies. As for the Stress Relief Society, they are all for shooting and tagging players as they believe it is extremely therapeutic. Aril and his team have been planning for the event since last year, looking for numerous ways to improve the layouts and details regarding the game from the previous year. According to Aril, this event has come to fruition last year, and he plans to further improve the scale, quality and decorations every year. In terms of decoration and detailing, the Stress Relief Society has played a significant role in turning the stretch of hallway into a terrifying and realistic aftermath of a zombie infestation. As a participant myself, just entering the premises sent a chill down my spine. My personal favourite was how they recreated fuming and misty floors by using dry ice.

Pre-event preparations

Response from participants

There was an unbelievable crowd of people participating in NvZ, and most of them absolutely enjoyed the event. Throughout the span of the missions, the players were exhilarated and were really into it. The spooky aesthetics and agile zombies were vital in the success of this event. From shooting zombies to alien cosplays, the players remained entertained throughout the entire game.

Future events

Aril envisions a day where he can organize a campus-wide event with various challenges and reduced restrictions. While working towards his dream, he plans to progressively enhance the standards of future events. He also plans to produce a tournament style event next semester, featuring multi-room obstacles. On a side note, he plans to continue holding NvZ next year and build it as an annual event for the Nerf Society.

Written by: Adam Luk Jia Ren Photography is provided by Nerf Society

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