Virtual Tailoring: A Guide to Buying Fitting Jeans Online

Ahh, jeans… the item that is present in almost every closet. Finding a pair that fits is usually a hassle especially when making online purchases, which is what most people do nowadays instead of visiting physical stores. However, fret not, for this article will teach you how to get that perfect or at least near-perfect pair of jeans. The best part? You will be staying seated comfortably with your device in hand. But first, you might need to do a bit of a search around the house for your measuring tape.

It is always important to refer to the actual measurements instead of the size. Deciding on an S just because you usually wear an S is a risky move. This is because measurements for each size can differ across labels, countries, and stores. 

Step 1: Waist – avoid low rises and too-tight fits

Pant rises are mainly divided into low, regular, high, and ultra-high. Different rises have different matching waist circumferences (WC). For example, low-rise pants are worn at the hips, slightly above the crotch, hence the WC should be larger. As for high-rise pants, they are worn on the slimmest part of the waist, so the WC should naturally be smaller.

Main types of pant rises.
Source: Stitch Fix

It is highly recommended to steer clear of ultra-low-rise jeans. Not only do they throw off body proportions, but they also appear cheap and unkempt. Of course, there are always exceptions, and some people can rock such jeans (anyone thinking of Megan Fox?), but as a rule of thumb, keep them away from your closet.

More pant rises.
Source: Answearable

High-rise jeans can give the appearance of good proportions as a high waistline makes the person appear taller. However, don’t go overboard; when there is a snug fit at the hip and waist area, ultra-high rises may make the hips appear unnecessarily wider.

High rise VS ultra-high rise.
Source: the concept wardrobe

If there are no WC options that are “just right”, go for bigger instead of smaller to avoid compressing the midsection and resulting in a muffin top. You can always use a belt for looser fits, but you cannot enlarge a small fit.

Step 2: Hip – hip circumference (HC) and back pockets

Less notice is usually given to pant hip designs as compared to waistlines. But here’s the thing: getting the hips to fit is the real key to a pair of winning jeans.

Buying pants with the right waist-to-hip ratio (WHR) online has always been a challenge. In this case, it is recommended to choose the right HC first; after all, the WC can be altered if it is too big.

Jeans’ hip area.
Source: Seven7

The back pockets are also an important aspect to consider: be sure to avoid jeans with back pockets that are too low or too small. The former will make the butt appear saggy whereas the latter will make the butt appear unnecessarily large.

The best choice is a fuller pocket design that is situated higher as shown in the left example below. This can visually improve the appearance of the hips.

High and low back pockets.
Source: 123RF

Step 3: Pant Legs – width and length

Jeans are all about details, and a good cutting can really hide leg fat and visually improve your leg shape.

The looseness of a pair of pants directly affects its style. Generally speaking, the looser, the more casual. For example, if we compare skinny jeans and straight-leg jeans, it is obvious that the latter appears more relaxed and comfortable.

Different types of pant legs.
Source: BlitzResults

The same thing can be said about pant length. The vibes for 70cm, 80cm, 90cm, and floor-sweeping lengths differ slightly. Other than that, the suitability of each pant length also varies across heights. You can see what I mean in the image below. Whenever you manage to snag a good pair of pants, note down the pant length so you can refer to it for your next online shopping spree.

Same pair of jeans, different effect on different wearers.
Source: Urban Revivo

I hope that these tips can make your online jeans shopping experience smoother and less risky! Go ahead and try them out now!

By: Chong Xin Rou (Emily)

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