Prank or Practical? Wacky Travel Accessories You Actually Need

In the age of social media, we have all witnessed some strange thing or another go viral from time to time. In fact, a few weird artefacts from World Wide Web have been shared so many times that they’ve become embedded in modern society’s popular culture. Now, when one thinks of tide pods, fidget spinners and colourful slime – it’s easy to assume that all attention grabbing silly accessories aren’t particularly valuable or practical. But who’s to say that every wacky item is more fun than functional?

It may look crazy, but these strange items may just save you from being late to your connecting flight. Image taken from:

When it comes to travelling, these 5 quirky products may seem like a poor attempt at an April fool prank. But read on to find out why they are actually brilliant for the discerning traveller.


Their suits are classy and their rides are flashy, but why does this picture make us cringe? Image taken from

Advertised as the “Carry-On That Carries You” this motorized luggage will apparently get you to your destination up to three times faster than walking. While the thought of avoiding lugging around a heavy suitcase and the child-like prospect of racing around the airport on these  may entice you,  be aware that this is a ridiculous item with an equally ridiculous price. It currently retails for US$1,499, and its campaigns are targeted at frequent flying corporate heads whom can’t afford even a minute’s delay. How crazy is that?


This aptly named contraption is by U.K. architecture and design firm Kawamura-Ganjavian, and its aim is to make napping comfortable wherever you are. The accessory essentially turns your entire head into a pillow. But it does so at the expense of making you look a little alien like. While public reception criticised the unending obsession with comfort that probably led to this invention, any technological improvement towards the ultimate #potatolyfe is appreciated by tired students and busy workers everywhere. After all, with a retail price of £70 GBP, you better be getting a good snooze for your buck.

How far would you go for a good nap? Image taken from


Japan has done it again. These clothes by Kuchou-fuku (literally “air-conditioned clothes”) may just be the answer to Malaysia’s tropical heat. Perhaps more appealing to those whom are not used to hotter weather conditions, these clothes are meant to keep the wearer cool at all times. Priced at 11,000 yen ($96), the clothes have small fans are sewn into the back of which are powered by a portable battery pack. But because the fans are meant to fill the cloth with air, they give wearers a more rounded, Rolie Polie Olie-esque look.

If only feeling cool was the same as looking cool. Image taken from Daily Mail


This one is perfect for the bros that cannot part with their lifts even when on holiday. AquaBells Travel Weights lets you maintain your fit form without adding any extra weight to your suitcase. In fact, these are portable and collapsible. So these just need to be filled with water to the desired weight and deflated after use. Now starting from 46.99 USD, you can instantly set up your own private gym within the comfort of your hotel room!

Do you even lift, bro? Image taken from Amazon

5) Travel Bidet and Urinelle

The last two items on this list are combined for their unique capabilities. Specifically, they both save you the trouble of looking around for a place to sneak off and squat during ’emergencies’. After all, searching for clean, free and accessible public toilets while on the go in foreign places can be a hassle. Even more so in Western countries that don’t prefer using tissues over bidets. Thus, Travel Bidets may just be your saving grace. Simply take it with you into the bathroom, aim and squeeze the bottle or button to start cleaning, and voila!

On the other hand, more urgent emergencies may leave you with no option to stop. Or even in some situations, the toilet seat may not be incredibly inviting. In such instances, these disposable, biodegradable cones that allow ladies to urinate standing up—say, over a squat toilet while travelling, may be a God send.

Written by Amirah Qistina Hazrin

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