Wishlist Wants 2019 (Part 1) : Naughty & Nice!

Have you been good this year? The Style Section definitely has! Feeling a little naughty with our not so humble WISHlist, we’ve been nice enough to share our dream picks as a gift for you, to get into a glitzy and glamorous Christmas mood.

Awkward Disclaimer : None of us are getting ANYTHING from this list. Well, not unless Santa comes down the chimney with a big fat bank account, laced in a bow.

Mariyam Sarah | Gold and beige dress custom made by Hamda Al Fahim

Source : Hamda Al Fahim

I’ve been a huge fan of long gowns ever since I was a little girl. I blame one of my favorite animations, Anastasia. Her gown designs for various instances in the film were beautiful and superbly elegant. I discovered Hamda Al Fahim and her custom designs last year through my sister, and I was immediately hooked onto her pieces, especially those that were floral themed. Hamda is fashion designer based in UAE who creates her collections with the intentions of making the wearer feel “fabulous and on top of the world”.

The minute my eyes fell on this piece, the nostalgic ambience of my childhood returned. I used to dress myself in the leftover silk fabric of my grandmothers sewing ventures and played pretend as Princess Anastasia. Likewise, I can only play pretend with this dress in my mind, as it is near impossible to afford nor receive this beauty as a gift. That is why this is merely a WISHlist. But as they say, a girl can dream and I will continue doing so!

Price : USD 3090/ RM 12857

Nurul Iman | Glynne embellished lamé and point d’esprit gown by BIYAN

Source : Net-A-Porter

*Takes a deep breath*. For starters, I was never really a big fan of extra glam outfits, blinding glitters, or anything that screams “LOOK AT ME!”. I feel more comfortable in outfits that are more simplistic. However, ever since Fashion Valet started carrying pieces from Studio 133 by Biyan, I’ve kept my eye on their collections. I must say, the pieces are as expensive as they look. Soon I found out, the Indonesian designer, Biyan, has another label called BIYAN, carrying EVEN MORE exclusive pieces.

This dress in particular is the perfect combination of unique and classy. It’s so extravagant that my words won’t do any justice. Pieces that look like a million bucks are indeed as expensive as they seem. I’ll only dream this Christmas season, waiting for an impossible miracle to happen.

Price : USD 2,828.46/ RM 11,774.20

Anyss Athira | Finfolk Mermaid Tail

Source : @finfolkproductions

I think we’ve all had imaginary characters we’ve wanted to play ever since we were young. For me, my unfading childhood dream was to become a mermaid. *laughs in embarrassment* I still do, I guess. Swimming has been my favourite pastime since I was 4, particularly after an incident of drowning in a pool. (Thanks for saving me, dad!) Instead of becoming traumatised, my very brave (or very dumb) toddler self chose to drown some more whilst learning how to swim and she never stopped ever since.

So what would I wish upon a star for this christmas? A silicone tail by FinFolk Productions! Silicone tails are meticulously hand-painted and can be customised to your own liking. You can add whatever fins you like – pectoral, dorsal etc and you can choose everything from the shape of the fluke to the colours on the tail. Might seem strange to some of you, but a pretty tail for my own self, definitely fits in as a stylish wishlist item to me! If I ever get the chance to own one, I’d probably squeal like my four-year-old self again, all the way to the pool (albeit a private one) where I’ll live forever (if I could).

Price: $5,500 / RM22,777

Qistina Azman | Trip to Milan

Source : milanpublictransport.com

I generally find any gift acceptable and I appreciate when people think of me at all. Yet, I do become a little anxious whenever someone buys me an expensive gift. Of course, they always make sure to remove the price tags when they give me the present. That way, I can’t pay them back or won’t feel guilty. Newsflash, guys: I still feel bad! However, a gift that I feel is impossible to attain is one that involves travel — Something that I absolutely dream about doing.

There are so many places in the world to see. In my mind, the most relaxing place to be is other cities. Known as one of the fashion capitals in the world, Milan has been a place I have wanted to visit for a very long time, simply because fashion is a major part of life there. If we’re talking about style, a trip to a place where it all happens would be the ideal gift in my wishlist! Especially with its well known designer spot, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II holding all major designer brands from Louis Vuitton to Prada. It would truly be a dream if it happened!

Price : Price: RM6,000 for 2 weeks. Could be more, flight itself is RM3,000.

Miguel Peralta | Massimo Dutti double breasted herrington wool coat

Source : Massimo Dutti

I have always had a fascination for wool coats, and ever since I walked into the flagship Massimo Dutti shop in Milan, I fell in love with this double-breasted herringbone wool coat. Obviously these kinds of coats are not suitable for tropical climates, but the thought of being able to wear this in colder climates gives me a regal feel that no other article of clothing can give. Pair this with some dark-coloured slacks or jeans, and I have a look! Unfortunately, I don’t own a bank, and I don’t have RM1,299 at my disposal, but a boy can only dream…

Price : RM 1299

Nadia Nadine | Chanel 19 flap bag in wool tweed green

Source : Chanel

This might be a tinyyy winyyyy bit contradictory to my usual style motives, “Designer bag choices should primarily be from the classic collections”. BUT! If there is any moment for an exception, it’s 2019! Chanel has dropped a new, extravagant and yet minimalistic flap bag named after it’s birth year itself! Ending my year with a piece as bold as I am would be intoxicating and the best end to a chapter (well asides from moments with my loved ones and all that cheesy crap) – Whoops! I wen’t materialistic and cold for a moment, the minty tone of this angel of a bag, kinda does that to a girl.

This design definitely has a fun play to the signature quilted outlook of the classic flap. So in a sense, it definitely matches my taste in style for something with a pop of colour and class, and honestly it’s hard to balance those elements, some designs come of as cheap or in meaner words – TRASHY! So congratulations Chanel, you’ve succeeded once again, and you’ve definitely burnt a hole in my IMAGINARY pocket!

Price : RM 17550

Jingle bells, what’s that smell?

Santa yells, “Is that the scent of a non-existent wallet burning?”. Pretty much. Elegant, modern and exorbitantly priced, these pieces definitely reflect both naughty and nice, this holiday season! However, if you’d like to get a glimpse of our picks for some stylish yet attainable items, what we smell is definitely a part 2 cooking up for Wishlist Wants 2019 *winks*.

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Written by Nadine MS, Miguel Peralta, Anyss Athira, Nurul Iman, Mariyam Sarah & Qistina Azman (Style Section).

Fashion failures happen, but with failure comes success.

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