Wishlist Wants 2019 (Part 2) – Deck the Halls with Style!

That’s right, the style section is definitely treating you well this holiday season! We’re back with yet another Part to this years wishlist wants. Considering that everyone is often dreaming and wishing on a star for something glamorous, expensive and fancy, it’s time to keep it humble and realistic. That way, you could definitely deck the halls with style, just one (kinda) inexpensive swipe away!

Mariyam Sarah | ASOS DESIGN botanical tiger shirt & short 100% modal pyjama

Source : ASOS

Definition: pyjamas! My favourite place in the world is my bed and what’s the best way of making that experience a 100% better? A comfy aesthetic pyjama set! This beautifully designed pyjama set caught my eye while I was doing some low-key window shopping on ASOS one night. Not only is it made from modal fabrics which is environmentally friendly, the botanic tiger design gives a complete retro look which i am totally vibing with. This gift is the perfect choice if you are willing to splurge a little extra. I think i just might…….

Price: RM 142

Nurul Iman |Mothership II: Sublime Palette by Pat McGrath Labs

Source : PatMcGrath.com

As a makeup enthusiast, I gaze upon a significant amount of makeup brand pages and products through my Instagram feed. As gorgeous as the latest collections get, nothing could compare to Pat McGrath’s eyeshadow palettes. They’re all such unique and daring colours and no palette ever has amazed me as much as the Mothership II Sublime palette. Although it’s possible to save up, spending RM520 for an eyeshadow palette is something I don’t think I would ever do. Maybe. We’ll see about it *winks*.

Price: USD 125/ RM 520

Anyss Athira | Klairs skincare products

Source : Klairscosmetics.com

For me, I think beautiful makeup will look twice as good if the wearer has beautiful skin. So before the new year starts, I figured it’s time for a skincare upgrade! One of my favourite youtubers, Kennie J. D. piqued my interest for the Klairs skincare line when she mentioned that they leave her skin looking so good that it feels like wearing makeup is a sin. Word for word, guys. So I am hoping to try the Klairs’ toner, moisturiser, vitamin C drops and vitamin E mask. My goal for 2020 is to have my skin looking so healthy that I look like I drank enough water, like I had a good night’s sleep, like I got paid, like I don’t have a care in the world, like somebody else is paying for my bills, just looking hella blessed, basically. Ameen. 

Price: RM329.90 (With the Christmas discount!)

Miguel Peralta |River Island Crocodile Leather Loafers

Source : RiverIsland.com

Pretty affordable yet pretty much impossible to get, is this pair of crocodile leather loafers from River Island that cost around RM219. Cost-wise, the loafers are not bad. However, given the fact that River Island doesn’t even have a shop in Malaysia, nor do they have these shoes available on online shops like Zalora, the loafers are a bit more difficult to attain. The struggle is real though, I can already picture myself wearing this with almost all my outfits! 

Price : RM219

Nadia Nadine | Swarovski Bella V Pierced Earrings, Blue, Gold-Tone Plated

Source : Swarovski.com

These earrings screammmmm elegance with a deep yet stunning pop of colour. And what does that scream? NADINE! I’ve always loved the collections from Swarovski, often minimilistic with such precision in their designs. Sure, RM 349 might not seem affordable for everyone, but it’s definitely possible to save up for! I personally own the classic silver pair of these, and call me greedy but I want em in this colour and the rest, they are so light, comfortable and easily matched with various outfits! And……oddly, my beloved cats name happens to be Bella Victoria, coincidence? I think NOT!

Price : RM349

‘Tis the season to be humble in style?

We’re often extravagant style dreamers, so THATS as humble as we’ll go for today. Moral of the story? You don’t need designer bags, or thousand dollar dresses to style yourself well! All you need is good taste, a good eye when shopping, AND determination. So if you’re doing some last minute gift shopping for yourself or your friends and family, keep in mind that stylish or pretty isn’t always reflected in price!

That’s a wrap for this year’s Christmas Wishlist Wants! Till Next Year!

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Written by Nadine MS, Miguel Peralta, Anyss Athira, Nurul Iman & Mariyam Sarah (Style Section).

Fashion failures happen, but with failure comes success.

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